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2009-01-29 Davor Ocelic* Some datatype fixing (was that correct?)
2009-01-28 Davor Ocelic* Step toward making enctest.c generally usable (skipja...
2009-01-28 Davor Ocelic* Some tweaks
2009-01-28 Davor Ocelic* Remove test progs from individual files, rely on...
2009-01-28 Davor Ocelic* Reenable aes' block_counter option
2009-01-28 Davor Ocelic* some retabbing
2009-01-28 Davor Ocelic* s/SOSSE_/ATMOS_/g
2009-01-28 Davor Ocelic - Some changes
2009-01-28 Davor Ocelic- Some changes
2009-01-28 Davor OcelicMerge with some more recent but orthogonal changes
2009-01-13 Davor Ocelic* Some sosse -> atmos
2009-01-13 Davor Ocelic* some sosse -> atmos
2009-01-13 Davor Ocelic* Fixes/updates for skipjack/newdes (tea.c needs to...
2008-08-15 docelic* Some comments
2008-08-15 docelic* Some cleanups
2008-08-08 docelic* Extract encryption algorithm testing code from skipjack.c
2008-08-08 docelic- Added AES algorithm support.
2008-08-01 Davor* hal: replace deprecated syntax
2008-07-19 docelic* Some cleaning, rearranging
2008-07-19 docelic* Wow wow :)
2008-07-15 docelic* Add more to readme
2008-07-13 docelic* Whole bunch
2008-07-13 root* Some more good work
2008-07-13 root* Expanded README
2008-07-12 docelic* Clean old built docs
2008-07-12 Davor Ocelic* Some clarifications
2008-07-12 docelic* Initial sosse commit, sosse 14-03 release patched...