2019-11-23 Clinton Ebadiincrease size of checkbox on file upload page master
2019-11-23 Clinton EbadiAdd basic youtube upload support
2016-11-27 Clinton EbadiAdapt ratning code for Kodi v17
2016-11-27 Clinton Ebadimore unsucking, plus a year of new stuff
2015-11-29 Clinton EbadiBegin unsucking kodi admin panel
2015-06-19 Clinton Ebadiquick and dirty browser "admin panel" for kodi
2015-04-27 Clinton EbadiTrivial upload scripts for parties
2015-04-27 Clinton Ebadicontext.item.songartist: use Container.Update instead...
2015-04-26 Clinton EbadiContext Menu: Show Artist Albums
2015-04-25 Clinton EbadiA repository of GPLv3 addons for Kodi