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2019-05-20 Clinton Ebadix-end: use correct y position for pushrod holes wilson-x-axis wip-2020-frame
2019-05-20 Clinton Ebadix-end/idler: integrate original tensioner, remove anti...
2019-05-20 Clinton Ebadix-end: place smooth rods consistently with carriage
2019-05-18 Clinton Ebadix-end/motor: position and size motor arm correctly
2019-05-18 Clinton Ebadix-end/motor: position z-adjuster and strain relief...
2019-05-18 Clinton Ebadix-end: improve integration
2019-05-18 Clinton Ebadix-end: use correct zmotor_delta_{x,y}
2019-05-18 Clinton EbadiVery basic import of modified Wilson TS/2 x-ends
2019-05-17 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: improve strength, cleanup
2019-05-12 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: remove built-in support for leadscrew bearing...
2017-12-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: misc changes
2017-12-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: make zmotor_delta_{x,y} use local coordinate...
2017-12-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: sanely layout parts on plate
2017-07-13 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: ignore z_delta setting
2016-10-27 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: add leadscrew constraint on top holders
2016-07-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: skip generating fillet if bottom is long
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