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2017-12-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: misc changes wip-2020-frame
2017-12-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: make zmotor_delta_{x,y} use local coordinate...
2017-12-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: sanely layout parts on plate
2017-07-13 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: ignore z_delta setting
2016-10-27 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: add leadscrew constraint on top holders
2016-07-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: skip generating fillet if bottom is long
2016-05-03 Clinton Ebadiframe_alu: Reduce bolt head hole depth
2016-03-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: generate aluminum extrusion parts
2016-03-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: improved motor mount smooth rod holder
2016-03-09 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: add leadscrew delta and compute deltas
2016-02-28 Clinton Ebadiz-axis: support position delta and improve rod support
2016-02-24 Clinton Ebadiz-axis support for aluminum extrusion frame
2016-02-22 Clinton Ebadiframe_alu: Use M5 bolt holes
2016-02-21 Clinton EbadiGeneralize `i_am_box' into `frame_type' option
2015-01-26 Václav 'ax... Merge pull request #91 from lordofhyphens/amf_export master origin/HEAD origin/master
2015-01-20 Joseph LenoxAdded configuration option to output AMF or STL files...
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