2014-02-21 Clinton EbadiUpdate for SMLNJ 110.74 master
2011-02-10 BT Templetonupdated for SML/NJ 110.72
2008-04-06 Adam Chlipalainstall script needs bash origin
2008-04-06 Adam Chlipalabuild script needs bash
2007-02-11 Adam Chlipala.cvsignore
2007-02-11 Adam ChlipalaSwitch to using OS.Path in Compiler
2007-02-11 Adam ChlipalaChange uses of Substring.all (obsolete) to Substring...
2005-04-15 Adam ChlipalaFix 'elseif' doc bug
2005-04-15 Adam ChlipalaBetter reporting of cascading exceptions
2005-02-23 Adam ChlipalaWorld's smallest doc fix
2004-09-29 Adam ChlipalaCatch the right Io exception
2004-09-28 Adam ChlipalaTypo\!
2004-09-28 Adam ChlipalaSpecify POSIX in BUILDING
2004-09-23 Adam ChlipalaAutomatically generate mlt.conf
2004-09-22 Adam ChlipalaChange BUILDING wording
2004-09-22 Adam ChlipalaRemove src/mlt
2004-09-22 Adam ChlipalaAuto-generate settings.sml
2004-09-22 Adam Chlipala.cvsignore
2004-09-22 Adam ChlipalaAutomatically generate settings.sml
2004-09-22 Adam ChlipalaFixing installation process
2004-09-22 Adam ChlipalaMore un-hardcoding
2004-09-22 Adam ChlipalaMore un-hardcoding
2004-09-22 Adam ChlipalaUn-hard code some things
2004-09-16 Adam ChlipalaChange BUILDING to only discuss 110.49+
2004-08-12 Adam ChlipalaFixing for 110.46
2004-08-12 Adam ChlipalaUpdated for SML/NJ 110.46+
2004-01-11 Adam ChlipalaChanged handling of response headers to allow multiple...
2003-09-14 Adam ChlipalaVarious improvements made while working on relwiki
2003-08-10 Adam Chlipalaadd base mlt.conf file that should go in /etc/mlt.conf
2003-08-10 Adam ChlipalaAdd before, after, and exn config directives
2003-08-10 Adam ChlipalaFixed Tuples heading
2003-08-10 Adam ChlipalaString quoting for SQL queries
2003-08-10 Adam ChlipalaTemplate language overhaul & misc. improvements
2003-08-02 Adam ChlipalaInitial revision