2007-12-16 adamchcvsimport master
2007-12-16 adamchQuota requests origin
2007-12-15 adamchComment out security stuff that we aren't using yet
2007-12-15 adamchmembers2 -> members
2007-12-15 adamchChange wiki2 to wiki
2007-12-14 adamchFix Mailman subscription by installing /usr/local/sbin...
2007-12-11 adamchcvsimport
2007-12-11 adamchFix PayPal/Checkout default on member payment page
2007-12-09 adamchI needed to add the word "average"\!
2007-12-09 adamchUpdate QoS to use right time units and stop showing...
2007-12-09 adamchUse 'vos listvol' for quota stats
2007-12-09 adamchQuotas link returns to header
2007-12-09 adamchDisk quota comparison
2007-12-09 adamchwebbw is back
2007-12-09 adamchUpdate static page generation; display locations in...
2007-12-09 adamchSomeone added some text
2007-12-08 adamchNewlines at ends of password files
2007-12-08 adamchMagic http prefix adding
2007-12-08 adamchMake list request instructions correct
2007-12-08 adamchPicking mailing list vhosts out of Domtool data
2007-12-08 adamchTweakadeedooda while running through our first real...
2007-12-08 adamchThat password file writing was right before, gosh darn it
2007-12-08 adamchChanges to welcome text files
2007-12-08 adamchRemove subscribe-to-announce checkbox for now, as creat...
2007-12-08 adamchWrite password file
2007-12-08 adamchPeeking into members' applications
2007-12-08 adamchAll-in-one member retiring
2007-12-08 adamchdocelic tidies up
2007-12-05 bigmike160Actually, go further and just make globe.gif and hcoop...
2007-12-05 mwolson_adminActually, go further and just make globe.gif and hcoop...
2007-12-05 adamchComment out sidebar links to unimplemented reports
2007-12-04 bigmike160cvsimport
2007-12-04 bigmike160app: Use https links for css and image
2007-12-04 mwolson_adminapp: Use https links for css and image
2007-12-04 bigmike160list: Point people at wiki for instructions on using...
2007-12-04 bigmike160cvsimport
2007-12-04 mwolson_adminlist: Point people at wiki for instructions on using...
2007-11-27 adamchChange SquirrelMail link; remove Usermin link
2007-11-27 adamchcvsimport
2007-11-24 adamchRemind about PayPal service fees
2007-11-24 adamchUse pwgen instead of apg
2007-11-22 adamchCopy application payment service addresses into permane...
2007-11-22 adamchNormalize e-mail addresses
2007-11-22 adamchUsing saved PayPal and Checkout e-mail addresses
2007-11-22 adamchRestore password display to go with initial application
2007-11-18 adamchcvsimport
2007-11-18 adamchApplication pipeline seems to be working
2007-11-18 adamchGenerating UNIX passwords
2007-11-18 adamchDon't show pending approved applications older than...
2007-11-17 bigmike160cert.mlt: Update with new instructions
2007-11-17 mwolson_admincert.mlt: Update with new instructions
2007-11-12 adamchLink to OpenSSL instructions
2007-11-12 adamchChange wiki URL in the right place this time
2007-11-11 adamchAdd report on diff of users in portal vs. AFS
2007-11-11 adamchCheck for empty file paths
2007-11-11 adamchAdd ip and cert to the sidebar
2007-11-11 adamchCertificate requests
2007-11-11 adamchIP address requesting (untested because of fyodor outage)
2007-11-04 adamchUpdate vmailpasswd for new servers
2007-10-24 adamchIn unmigrated members view, list balances and count...
2007-10-24 adamchAdd report on who hasn't migrated yet
2007-10-21 adamchjoin.hcoop.net returns
2007-10-21 adamchListing negative balances
2007-10-15 adamchMake mire default for APT requests
2007-10-14 adamchRemove groaty logging code
2007-10-14 adamchNew balance reminder script
2007-10-07 adamchFinancial audit mode for anyone
2007-09-13 adamchMove payment options blurb into its own callable template
2007-09-13 adamchLet admins view their personal financial history; let...
2007-09-13 adamchMove old member add form to a separate page
2007-09-13 adamchAdd all-balance summing and listing of retired balances
2007-09-11 adamchMore verbose system error reporting
2007-07-01 adamchUpdate proper Domtool username for package/security...
2007-06-18 adamchDefault value selector for payment type
2007-06-04 adamchLink to Bugzilla instead of portal's support stuff
2007-06-04 adamchGoogle Checkout button
2007-05-28 adamchSecondary sort by name on pledge stats
2007-05-17 adamchAllow commas in ticket titles
2007-05-17 adamchAdd more allowed characters in support issue titles
2007-05-17 adamchSupport for Kerberos auth
2007-05-17 adamchUpdate command line to grant domain permission
2007-02-26 adamchAdd warning about Client firewall rules without whitelists
2007-02-26 adamchWarning to request firewall rules with the proper form
2007-02-26 adamchAdd pointers to special support methods from page to...
2007-02-26 adamchQuick statistics on support response times
2007-02-25 adamchSummary of recent support requests with response times
2007-02-25 adamchSave pending/closing time stamps for misc support issues
2007-02-25 adamchAdd syntax checking of proposed firewall rules
2007-02-25 adamchUpdated security settings to handle multiple machines
2007-02-25 adamchUpdate APT requests to take multiple servers into consi...
2007-02-21 adamchStart of modifications for Peer1 migration: hosting...
2007-02-19 adamchChange granter.sh to give permissions to user specified...
2007-02-18 adamchScript to generate SQL GRANT statements for all relatio...
2007-02-18 adamchRemove auto-generated mlt files
2006-12-31 adamchIncrease domain component length limit
2006-11-04 adamchPropagate domain validity check code to app
2006-10-31 adamchSQL error in poll
2006-09-15 adamchNew member application e-mails include applicant's...
2006-08-30 adamch.cvsignore improvement for vmailpasswd
2006-08-30 adamchAllow digits in usernames