2005-10-02 Adam ChlipalaBug fixes master origin
2005-10-02 Adam ChlipalaGo live with real firewall path
2005-10-02 Adam ChlipalaAuto-generation of per-user rules from simple config...
2005-10-02 Adam ChlipalaUse newest config files
2005-08-22 Adam ChlipalaMigrate to newer ferm version and implement preliminary...
2005-08-21 Adam ChlipalaRefactored badguys
2005-08-21 Davor OcelicUpdated
2005-08-18 Davor OcelicWeb and ssh work! A lot of tuning and style
2005-08-14 Davor OcelicSeparate TCP_OUT on TOS, remove ppp0, let DNS through
2005-08-14 Davor Ocelic- Beginning of fwtool : initial global fw rules for...