2018-12-01 Clinton Ebadiremove lib32 gunk master
2018-12-01 Clinton Ebadiportal: update server to run create-user on to gibran
2018-11-30 Clinton Ebadistripe: send mail using mail-ipv4.hcoop.net
2018-06-04 Clinton Ebadistripe: allow cards without cvc to pass verification
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadihide message about portal location
2018-04-22 Clinton EbadiFinally excise remaining references to Google Checkout
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadiusers: filter retired by default, remove dead code
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadiapt: new process for package install on puppet nodes
2018-04-10 Clinton Ebadiportal: blacklist spam domain
2018-04-03 Clinton Ebadijoin: support for blocking spam domains
2018-03-04 hcoopmoney: temporarily hide "co-op balance" due to inaccuracy
2017-08-27 clinton_adminpassgen: ensure sufficient character classes
2015-05-29 Clinton EbadiSwitch back to Stripe live key
2015-05-24 Clinton Ebadicron: fix typo on default crontab
2015-05-24 Clinton EbadiClarify copyright/licensing (GPLv3+)
2015-05-24 Clinton Ebadiinclude portal crontab
2015-05-24 Clinton Ebadicontact: fix build
2015-05-24 Clinton Ebadirelease portal3 into production oldportal/master
2015-05-24 Clinton EbadiFix references to /home/hcoop portal3 oldportal/portal3
2015-02-08 Clinton Ebadimoney: make boot and freeze worthy lists easier to use
2015-02-08 Clinton Ebadimoney: hide equalize balances
2015-02-08 Clinton Ebadiuse table.data css class in a few more places to make...
2015-02-08 Clinton Ebadisec: use jquery ui tabs for machines in security prefer...
2015-02-07 Clinton Ebadisec: split normal user view into its own template
2015-02-07 Clinton Ebadifix stray tag
2015-02-07 Clinton Ebadisec: nuke ftp request support
2015-02-07 Clinton Ebadisec: note the set of common services in firewall reques...
2015-02-07 Clinton EbadiPrepend machine name to firewall requests so that they...
2014-10-07 Clinton Ebadivmail: use domtool-portal to update vmail passwords
2014-10-04 Clinton Ebadicert: remove obsolete suggestion you need a dedicated...
2014-10-04 Clinton EbadiRun domtool as hcoop.daemon instead of hcoop
2014-10-04 Clinton Ebadijoin: update welcome message to mention Paypal pre...
2014-10-04 Clinton EbadiUse correct wiki url in firewall ports request help
2014-10-04 Clinton Ebadijoin: Remove old filesystem initial password storage...
2014-04-15 Clinton EbadiStripe: Append amount to checkout widget description
2014-04-15 Clinton EbadiMake including cents portion in money inputs optional
2014-04-15 Clinton EbadiUse hidden element to store stripe amount in cents
2014-04-15 Clinton EbadiFix html structure in money normal member view
2014-04-11 Clinton EbadiImprove cert request
2014-04-11 Clinton EbadiGeneralize querying domtool permissions
2014-03-30 Clinton EbadiAsk applicants for payment authorization after email...
2014-03-29 Clinton EbadiRemove Google Checkout address from preferences
2014-03-29 Clinton EbadiSplit stripe payment/admin scripts
2014-03-29 Clinton EbadiInitial Stripe payment rejection support * Store reject...
2014-03-29 Clinton EbadiDisplay node name before firewall rules
2014-03-27 Clinton Ebadistripe: Use context managers for error handling in cgi
2014-03-25 Clinton EbadiUse new payment-tile for a few interface elements
2014-03-25 Clinton EbadiA bundle of minor improvements
2014-03-25 Clinton EbadiJoin: usernames must be between two and twelve characters
2014-03-25 Clinton EbadiOnly display active nodes for support requests
2014-03-25 Clinton EbadiTrim leading/trailing spaces from name in Real Name...
2014-03-22 Clinton EbadiShow current disk use and quota in MiB
2014-03-22 Clinton EbadiImprove long table display
2014-03-22 Clinton EbadiUse new warning class instead of element style
2014-03-22 Clinton EbadiUse HTML5 field validation in join form
2014-03-22 Clinton EbadiMinor html fixes
2014-03-22 Clinton EbadiInitial support for Stripe (And Improve Paypal)
2014-03-22 Clinton EbadiRemove more Google Checkout code
2014-03-22 Clinton EbadiClose main div before body
2014-03-20 Clinton EbadiAdd [X]HTML5 DTD to header
2014-03-19 Clinton EbadiMake initial password harder to miss
2014-03-13 clinton_adminMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into portal3
2014-03-05 clinton_adminRemove google checkout code from payment page
2014-03-05 clinton_adminMention paypal is gone to members and point them at...
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiUse sendmail and not exim4 for mail
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiTrack page header and footer
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiUse correct passgen db name
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiNew static file root configuration knob
2014-02-25 Clinton Ebadijoin: update library paths, install to new location
2014-02-25 Clinton Ebadijoin: intelligent error printing for IO exceptions
2014-02-25 Clinton Ebadijoin: username limit is 12 characters, not 8
2014-02-25 Clinton Ebadipassgen: use portal config, build fixes
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiBalance reminders: build on modern systems
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiMember directory: use portal config, build on 64-bit...
2014-02-25 Clinton Ebadijoin: use generic sendmail instead of exim4
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiStore static portal files in repo and install with...
2014-02-25 Clinton Ebadijoin: use main portal config
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiMake webbw stats location configurable
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiUpdate config for new installation
2014-02-25 Clinton EbadiRender meaningful message for linking errors
2014-02-21 Clinton EbadiImprove header generation, slightly
2014-02-21 Clinton EbadiTrack hcoop header generating scripts
2013-11-15 Clinton EbadiMinor update for members directory under new website
2013-11-15 Clinton EbadiSearch by real name in money matters
2013-01-18 Clinton EbadiShow the "add your link" dialog BEFORE hosted sites...
2013-01-18 Clinton EbadiMerge a few cleanups inspired by bpt's redesign
2013-01-17 Clinton EbadiAllow board members to view roll call
2013-01-16 Clinton EbadiDon't lose node when editing security request
2013-01-16 Clinton EbadiUse fritz volumes instead of deleuze volumes for disk...
2013-01-14 Clinton EbadiDefault security requests to bog
2013-01-14 Clinton EbadiUpdate member directory stuff for new web site
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiAdd temporary notice to main portal page notifying...
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiUpdate `domtool-admin package-exists $node $pkg` for...
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiUpdate instructions for firewall rules requesters
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiChange default node for security/apt requests to bog
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiAdd warning to members applying with gmail to whitelist
2012-12-16 Clinton EbadiSupport request for ProxiedServer firewall rules
2011-02-23 clinton_adminFetch volume information from fritz instead of deleuze
2010-12-09 hcoopUpdate all connection strings to point to the new postg...
2010-10-03 hcoopSpecify host for database connections