2007-12-16 adamchcvsimport master
2007-12-16 adamchAllow ~ in Apache locations origin
2007-12-16 adamchdiskCache
2007-12-16 adamchvhostDefault
2007-12-16 adamchSuccessfully indented all of standard lib with domtool...
2007-12-16 adamchImprove domtool-mode indentation
2007-12-16 adamchdomtool-mode patch from the inimitable clinton
2007-12-16 adamchUnused environment variable analysis
2007-12-16 adamchAdd IPv6 DNS mappings
2007-12-15 adamchHint Monster
2007-12-15 adamchImproved Easy_domain, with boolean env vars
2007-12-15 adamchAdd if..then..else
2007-12-15 adamchFix GRANT syntax
2007-12-15 adamchdbtool mysql grants CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE
2007-12-15 adamchNo more catch-all aliases, and default aliases go to...
2007-12-15 adamchMove catchAllAlias to Alias module
2007-12-15 adamchAdd install_sos make target for .el building
2007-12-15 adamchUsing PCRE to check regexps passed to Apache
2007-12-15 adamchAdd cgiExtension
2007-12-14 adamchCatch-all aliases working again
2007-12-14 adamchAdd Apache FollowSymLinks
2007-12-09 adamchcvsimport
2007-12-09 adamchBye-bye, silly quotas program
2007-12-09 adamchquotas
2007-12-09 adamchFixes to webbw while getting it parsed in the portal
2007-12-09 adamchPorted webbw
2007-12-09 adamchSlave catches all exceptions, to avoid dying
2007-12-09 adamchdomtool-admin returns proper exit code on OpenSSL exception
2007-12-08 adamcherrorDocument outputs quotes as needed
2007-12-08 adamchAllow single quotes in no_newlines
2007-12-07 adamchPut 'RewriteEngine on' in the right places; print domai...
2007-12-06 adamchShorter Apache types
2007-12-06 adamchFix some Apache types
2007-12-05 adamchServerAdmin env var for mailmanVhost
2007-12-04 adamchcvsimport
2007-12-04 adamchUse proper URL prefix in mailmanVhost redirect
2007-11-22 adamchcvsimport
2007-11-22 adamchIndent let..in..end sort of properly
2007-11-22 adamchError messages for Postgres dbtool
2007-11-22 adamchdbtool shows end users error messages from MySQL
2007-11-22 adamchAdd end_in_slash and use it to fix moinMoin; do extra...
2007-11-20 adamchFix description of mail
2007-11-20 adamchAdd a slash
2007-11-19 adamchcvsimport
2007-11-19 adamchGenerate right Mailman vhost name
2007-11-18 adamchcvsimport
2007-11-18 adamchFix addWordPress
2007-11-18 adamchBetter messages for top-level unification errors
2007-11-18 adamchyour_ip_to_ip
2007-11-18 adamchvhost IP specification working
2007-11-18 adamchIP address ACLs
2007-11-18 adamchAllow IP address specification for Apache, though no...
2007-11-18 adamchProper checking of readable paths for domtool-doc
2007-11-18 adamchWeb app shortcuts
2007-11-17 adamchhomeS
2007-11-17 adamchHide env variable in mailman
2007-11-17 adamchMake deletion checking work right; add mailmanHcoop
2007-11-17 adamchMailman shortcut working
2007-11-17 adamchMore Mailman virtual host stuff
2007-11-17 adamchRecord user for Mailman vhosts
2007-11-17 adamchInitial mailman vhost config
2007-11-17 adamchRemove auto-generated file from repo
2007-11-17 adamchdomNoWww
2007-11-17 adamchWrite /etc/mailman/vhosts_cfg.py
2007-11-17 adamchAllow some of a user's config to survive regen, even...
2007-11-17 adamchFix problem where configuring a subdomain nukes config...
2007-11-17 adamchRemove debug print
2007-11-17 adamchMake Apache play nice with regen rmdom'ing
2007-11-17 adamchWorking on automatic rmdom for bad domains during regen
2007-11-17 adamchBacking up Webalizer output
2007-11-17 adamchBack to server-slide describe
2007-11-17 adamchProper backing up of Apache logs
2007-11-17 adamchTesting log directory backup
2007-11-17 adamchAdd user listing command
2007-11-17 adamchFix another instance of using host-specific keytabs
2007-11-17 adamchSwitch to one Domtool principal
2007-11-17 adamchMore describers
2007-11-17 adamchMove domain decription to client side; add some more...
2007-11-17 adamchAdding domain description
2007-11-17 adamchMake 'domtool -tc' (no other arguments) work properly
2007-11-17 bigmike160Use mkdir -p in Makefile and domtool-addcert
2007-11-17 mwolson_adminUse mkdir -p in Makefile and domtool-addcert
2007-11-15 adamchAdd read-only path type
2007-11-15 adamchcvsimport
2007-11-14 adamchChange method of determining whether a package is installed
2007-11-13 adamchFix dumb message name; allow numbers and underscores...
2007-11-12 adamchcvsimport
2007-11-12 adamchAdd compile-command
2007-11-11 adamchdomtool-mode standard library table changes performed...
2007-11-11 adamchFix type of default WWW env var
2007-11-11 adamchBack out of fancy with/end different processing
2007-11-11 adamchWhoops; unbound variable; god bless dynamic typing
2007-11-11 adamchSupport comment-region and friends
2007-11-11 adamchStruggling futilely to improve indentation
2007-11-11 adamchWWW parameter to 'dom'
2007-11-11 adamchType annotations on environment variable reads
2007-11-11 adamchProper nested indentation
2007-11-11 adamchImproved Emacs mode, with standard library 'keyword...
2007-11-11 adamchInitial Emacs mode from bpt
2007-11-11 adamchAdd 'begin..end' alternative to parentheses