2019-03-17 Tom BalzerCommentary in job.scm that explains usage. master
2019-03-17 Tom BalzerAdded current manifest.scm
2019-03-17 Tom BalzerAdded #:redirect option to manifest.scm
2019-03-17 Tom BalzerChanged default value for tasks without names.
2019-03-17 Tom BalzerBrute force implementation of --enable-guile option...
2019-03-11 Tom BalzerIgnored dist dir
2019-03-11 Tom BalzerSwitched to autotools
2018-12-31 Tom BalzerA couple more filters for guile features.
2018-12-31 Tom BalzerAdded compile flag for guile features
2018-12-31 Tom BalzerMade changes to get tomd working as a init program.
2018-07-02 Tom BalzerFixed inconsistent socket io.
2018-06-29 Tom BalzerA test proggram i made when looking at the line struct.
2018-06-29 Tom BalzerBroken comm stuff.
2018-06-28 Tom BalzerUpdated tomd and tomc to do solid communication over...
2018-06-27 Tom BalzerSome socket stuff in tomc, start of support in tomd
2018-06-27 Tom BalzerAdded dumb option detection to tomc
2018-06-27 Tom BalzerTiny initial tomc code.
2018-06-27 Tom BalzerUpdate to redirect logs to a file in /var/log/tomd
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerAdd contribution guide
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerPrelim success with xsetroot working.
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerRefactored to create a jobs structure array.
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerCorrected file name issue.
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerStart of job structure support.
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerCleanup of guile_helpers.c
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerDumb refactoring of manifest loading.
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerSCM_ARR macro for easy list-as-array access.
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerChanges to the manifest loader to support the scheme...
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerMoved guile modules to be auto-find-able by the manifes...
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerChanged print statements to a macro to avoid prepending...
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerHooked up guile in the compile process.
2018-06-26 Tom BalzerGuile things.
2018-06-24 Tom BalzerGuile infrastructure for defining jobs in a manifest...
2018-06-20 Tom BalzerProtocol stuff for sockets.
2018-06-19 Tom BalzerDead simple unix local socket comm setup.
2018-06-19 Tom BalzerTooling changes, some socket code.
2018-06-15 Tom BalzerSketched some ideas for socket I/O
2018-06-15 Tom BalzerInitial code for tomd, contained in src/main.c
2018-06-15 Tom BalzerAdded LAYOUT, which describes file locations.
2018-06-15 Tom BalzerAdded DISCLAIMER to README.
2018-06-15 Tom BalzerAdded COPYING file for license information.
2018-06-15 Tom BalzerInitial revision, with a README describing current...