2015-05-10 Robin Templetontemporarily disable elisp exception tests wip
2015-05-10 Robin Templetonignore 'expect-fail' forms in elisp tests
2015-05-10 Robin Templetonupdate cross-compilation test
2015-05-10 Robin Templetonuse standard evaluator
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonguile-backtrace function
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonuse guile eval for elisp tree-il
2015-04-21 Robin Templetondeprecated eval-when situations
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonexecute top level require forms
2015-04-21 Robin Templetontop level fixes
2015-04-21 Robin Templetononly evaluate top-level macro definitions
2015-04-21 Robin Templetondegenerate let forms
2015-04-21 Robin Templetoneval-when
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonfset macro
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonuse defsubst
2015-04-21 Robin Templetondefsubst
2015-04-21 Robin Templetoncompiler macros
2015-04-21 Robin Templetondefconst, defvar: proclaim special at compile-time
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonelisp @@ macro
2015-04-21 Robin Templetoncompile-elisp fn
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonfix `nil?' type inference
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonfix symbol-function
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonrestore special operator handling
2015-04-21 Robin Templetondefine-module for elisp special modules
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonconstant-interning fix
2015-04-21 Robin Templetondefvar affects default value
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonsymbol default value procedures
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonread nil/t as #nil/#t
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonelisp updates
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonguile-snarf fix
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonprefer compilers earlier in list
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonallow arbitrary constants in cps
2015-04-21 BT Templetonguile-private-ref
2015-04-21 BT Templetonmultiple obarrays
2015-04-21 Robin Templetoncheck symbols constants uninterned
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonintern arbitrary constants
2015-04-21 Robin Templetonlibguile/Makefile.am (snarfcppopts): Remove CFLAGS
2015-04-08 Andy WingoAdd "cps2" experiment
2015-04-08 Andy WingoTransient intsets
2015-04-08 Andy WingoAdd "transient" intmap interface
2015-04-01 Andy Wingo32-way branching in intmap.scm, not 16-way
2015-04-01 Andy WingoIntset-next micro-optimizations
2015-04-01 Andy WingoAdd intset-fold, intset-fold2
2015-04-01 Andy WingoAdd intmap-fold.
2015-04-01 Andy WingoAdd intmap-prev
2015-04-01 Andy WingoDefault "meet" operator is meet-error for intmap
2015-04-01 Andy WingoRemove "free" field of $fun
2015-04-01 Andy WingoReplace $letrec with $rec
2015-04-01 Andy WingoPrecise range inference on <, <=, >=, > branches
2015-04-01 Andy WingoFix intmap bug for maps with only one element
2015-03-30 Ludovic Courtèself: Add missing argument in 'elf-segment'.
2015-03-12 Andy WingoOnly lazily compile where profitable
2015-03-12 Andy WingoOptimize branches in the evaluator
2015-03-12 Andy WingoPrimcall inlining in eval.scm, lazy function body compi...
2015-03-12 Andy WingoRemove unused "nargs" field of memoized call expressions
2015-03-12 Andy WingoMarginal bootstrap memory improvements
2015-03-11 Andy WingoRemove $void CPS expression type
2015-03-09 Andy WingoAdapt GDB integration to newest patches
2015-03-09 Andy WingoRe-implement (ice-9 streams) in terms of (srfi srfi-41)
2015-03-07 Mark H Weaverbuild: Use pipe symbol instead of comma for substitutions.
2015-02-18 Daniel LlorensNon-vector 1D arrays print as #1()
2015-02-17 Andy WingoStruct and array GDB pretty printers hint as arrays
2015-02-17 Andy WingoGDB support: add frame annotators and filters
2015-02-17 Andy WingoDe-bitrot libguile-2.2-gdb.scm
2015-02-17 Andy Wingo(system base types) knows about variables
2015-02-13 Andy WingoFix infinite loop in expander
2015-02-10 Andy WingoAdd `scm_smob_type_class()'.
2015-02-09 Andy WingoNEWS and doc updates
2015-02-08 Andy WingoDocument support for URI references.
2015-02-06 Andy WingoReify bytevector? in the correct module
2015-02-06 Andy WingoAdd #:static-slot-allocation?
2015-02-06 Andy WingoFix foreign objects for getter method change
2015-01-26 Andy WingoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'
2015-01-26 Andy WingoAccessor methods only apply to subclasses with their...
2015-01-25 Andy WingoFix verify-cps
2015-01-24 Andy WingoFix accessor struct field inlining
2015-01-24 Andy WingoFix accessor struct inlining in GOOPS
2015-01-23 Andy WingoSimplify and optimize slot access
2015-01-23 Andy WingoExport <slot> from GOOPS
2015-01-23 Andy WingoSimplify GOOPS effective method cache format
2015-01-23 Andy WingoFast generic function dispatch without calling `compile...
2015-01-23 Andy WingoGOOPS cosmetics
2015-01-23 Andy WingoUpdate (oop goops save) for <slot> objects
2015-01-23 Andy WingoFix foreign objects for removal of getters-n-setters
2015-01-23 Andy WingoMinor GOOPS cleanups
2015-01-23 Andy WingoOptimize %initialize-object
2015-01-23 Andy WingoInline internal slot accessors
2015-01-23 Andy WingoInline helpers into slot-ref, slot-set!, etc
2015-01-23 Andy WingoUse a vtable bit to mark <slot> instances
2015-01-23 Andy WingoIntroduce <slot> objects in GOOPS
2015-01-23 Andy WingoBeginnings of <slot> slot definition class
2015-01-23 Andy WingoThe GOOPS "unbound" value is a unique pair
2015-01-23 Andy WingoGOOPS: Deprecate "using-class" procs like slot-ref...
2015-01-23 Andy Wingochange-object-class refactor
2015-01-23 Andy Wingoslot-ref, slot-set! et al bypass "using-class" variants
2015-01-23 Andy WingoManipulate GOOPS vtable flags from Scheme, for speed
2015-01-23 Andy WingoGOOPS class slot indices defined as inline values
2015-01-23 Andy Wingo`match' refactor in goops.scm
2015-01-23 Andy WingoConvert emit-linear-dispatch to use match
2015-01-23 Andy WingoMore GOOPS cleanups
2015-01-23 Andy Wingowhen and unless for one-armed ifs in goops.scm