2020-08-23 Clinton EbadiDisable header syntax checking for now master
2020-08-09 Clinton Ebadiauth: use $tls_in_cipher and not $tls_cipher rebase_492
2020-08-09 Clinton EbadiIntegrate changes from 4.92
2020-03-07 Clinton Ebadiallow mail from new server, busted
2018-12-02 Clinton Ebadiminsky is the mailman server now
2018-11-14 Clinton Ebadiauthorize new server lovelace
2018-11-05 Clinton EbadiSet IGNORE_SMTP_LINE_LENGTH_LIMIT to avoid rejecting...
2018-11-05 Clinton Ebadiset hosts_max_try_hardlimit to avoid excessive retries...
2018-10-26 Clinton Ebadiadd log@hcoop.net to local only delivery list
2018-10-25 Clinton Ebadiadd shelob.hcoop.net
2018-10-14 Clinton Ebadirelay mailman lists to mccarthy
2018-10-12 clinton_adminuse minsky for spamd
2018-07-08 Clinton Ebadienable ipv6 for incoming connections
2018-04-23 Clinton Ebadiget-token: call aklog when getting initial tickets
2018-04-23 rootadd minsky.hcoop.net
2018-04-23 rootspamcheck: fix cwd rebase_489
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadipreserve KRB5CCNAME when clearing environment
2018-04-22 Clinton EbadiMerge branch 'upstream' into rebase_489
2018-04-22 Clinton EbadiUpdate base config to exim 4.89 upstream
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadiadd new servers gibran and marsh
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadiincrease spam message size limit
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadiget-token: use sudo instead of su when switching user
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadicheck local submitter
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadimisc updates from mccarthy config
2018-04-22 Clinton Ebadideny on spf failure
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiImprove get-token reliability
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiLimit number of MXes tried in one delivery attempt
2015-05-19 Clinton Ebaditemporarily set spf failure to warn while resolving...
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiDisable ipv6, ident lookups, and smtp sync enforce
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiListen on smtps and submission ports
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiUpdate retry / load limiting configuration
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiUse hopper for spamchecking
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiSend all lowuid mail to logs@
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiAllow mailman transport to forward mail to actual mailm...
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiUse hcoop tls certificate instead of self-signed default
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiAllow relaying for deleuze, fritz, and mccarthy
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiKill obsolete dc_visiblename
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiVerify local senders, block senders using spamhaus...
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiOnly allow trusted relays to send mail to logs alias
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiSupport plus-addressing since wildcards are deprecated
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiAdd missing debug prints in router/transports
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiIntegrate sensible changes from upstream Debian 4.84
2015-05-19 Clinton EbadiRemove dead code
2008-09-24 mwolson_adminmail4root: Restrict to unix_domains.
2008-08-28 mwolson_adminMake ACL lookup not error out. Add special case for...
2008-08-28 mwolson_adminFix ACL lookups for mailman bounce messages.
2008-08-13 mwolson_adminAdd mail.hcoop.net to relay_nets so that roundcube...
2008-08-13 mwolson_adminAdd unix_domains to several places where local_domains...
2008-08-13 mwolson_adminAdd rosasharn to the fast retry list.
2008-06-17 rootRoutine update.
2008-06-17 rootexim4/get-token: Fix some edge cases, log weirdness...
2008-06-17 rootUpdates to Exim
2008-06-17 rootNew wildcard aliases handler for Exim
2008-06-17 rootMake mailman and exim work with aliased domains, kind of
2008-06-17 rootGet saslauthd and Exim really working this time
2008-06-17 rootFix Mailman bounce reception
2008-06-17 rootRemove directives that were causing Exim TLS not to...
2008-06-17 rootGet Exim authentication working!
2008-06-17 rootGet Exim TLS working
2008-06-17 rootMailman machinations
2008-06-17 rootGet vmail working!
2008-06-17 rootGo back to exim.dat for Exim, get virtual delivery...
2008-06-17 rootUse userdb.dat rather than exim.dat for Exim
2008-06-17 rootGet mail80.hcoop.net working
2008-06-17 rootdeliver exim paniclog email to postmaster; fix deliver...
2008-06-17 rootAdd exim deliver-once script, alias mail to postmaster
2008-06-17 rootMake spam-checking in Exim really work
2008-06-17 rootMake get-token deal with case where it is called as...
2008-06-17 rootTry adding process id to exim get-token credential...
2008-06-17 rootFix mail delivery to directories, forward bugzilla...
2008-06-17 rootMake exim use .public/.forward instead of .forward
2008-06-17 rootUpdate exim4 auth config to handle LOGIN
2008-06-17 rootexim4/get-token: Comment-out tokens command since we...
2008-06-17 rootMake apache2 restart work
2008-06-17 rootSend changetrack mail to special box. Use non-domtool...
2008-06-17 rootTrack alternatives, init.d, rcN.d, and much more
2008-06-17 rootUntrack apache2/vhosts. Separate system and hosted...
2008-06-17 rootGet mail delivery to logs@mire.hcoop.net and logs@deleu...
2008-06-17 root* apache2/conf.d/home.conf: Remove, since this duplicates
2008-06-17 root@deleuze... mwolson: Make exim use /daemon token rather than /mailf...
2008-06-17 root@deleuze... mwolson: Get procmail delivery working
2008-06-17 root@deleuze... mwolson: Test procmail delivery
2007-04-23 root@deleuze... mwolson: Relay email from mire
2007-04-16 root@deleuze... mwolson: Use U/US/USER style paths for exim mail delivery
2007-04-15 root@deleuze... stable->sarge and other miscellanea
2007-04-06 root@deleuze... Catch up on bind and keytab changes made by others
2007-03-18 root@deleuze... mwolson: Mail delivery works now. Yay!
2007-03-17 root@deleuze... mwolson: Make progress on email delivery
2007-03-05 root@deleuze... mwolson: Update exim4 from backports
2007-02-19 root@deleuze... Miscellaneous apache and exim config by adam and cclausen
2007-02-14 root@deleuze... mwolson: Small docfix
2007-02-14 root@deleuze... mwolson: Provide very basic list of domains for Exim...
2007-02-14 root@deleuze... mwolson: Only get token once, rather than 1-3 times
2007-02-13 root@deleuze... mwolson: First attempt at delivering to AFS
2007-02-13 root@deleuze... Updates by other admins
2007-01-27 root@deleuze... mwolson: Initial migration of exim4 settings to deleuze
2007-01-19 root@deleuze... mwolson: Upgrade exim4 packages to equivalent of versio...
2007-01-08 root@deleuze... Initial import