2020-04-08 Clinton Ebadifix apache2 davlockdb path in chowns master
2020-02-28 Clinton Ebadicreate-user: move dav lock db directory
2019-04-04 Clinton Ebadihcoop-all-db-backup: switch cwd to tmpdir
2019-03-31 Clinton Ebadihcoop-all-db-backup: update backup script
2019-03-31 Clinton Ebadica-install: allow installing optional intermediate...
2019-02-10 Clinton Ebadicreate-user: add lovelace to execute_on_all_machines
2019-02-10 Clinton Ebadicreate-user: bump default quota to ~10G
2019-01-10 Clinton Ebadica-install: install certs to mailman server
2019-01-05 Clinton Ebadicreate-user: misc updates for Debian Stretch / server...
2018-12-25 Clinton Ebadinew script to check freespace in afs
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadibecome-hcoop: add to git
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadicreate-user: update for new servers
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadifreeze: use rmdom and revoke instead of rmuser
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadihcoop-git-maint: don't generate cache page
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadideploy-domtool: update for new servers and systemd
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadimisc updates
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadinew-user: use most recent generated password for username
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadihcoop-kprop: remove
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadicreate-user-database: new postgres dir, nuke 8.1, ensur...
2018-12-15 Clinton Ebadica-install: support multiple webservers, update for...
2018-12-05 Clinton Ebadiimport hcoop-webalizer cron as script
2018-11-07 Clinton Ebadiquotacheck: check volumes on gibran
2017-01-28 Clinton Ebadicreate-user: create fastcgi wrapper script
2015-10-22 clinton_adminhcoop-git-maint: speed up and avoid blocking forever...
2015-05-12 clinton_admindeploy-domtool: add mccarthy.hcoop.net
2015-04-25 clinton_adminmysql-grant-table-drop: quote database and table names
2015-04-25 clinton_adminmysql-grant-drop: exclude `performance_schema' database...
2015-03-24 clinton_adminhcoop-kprop: invert grep exit status to shut cron up
2015-03-24 clinton_adminapache-sync-logs: allow setting VERBOSE from the enviro...
2015-03-24 clinton_adminca-install: permissions were only fixed in combined...
2014-12-27 Clinton Ebadica-install: use openssl instead of grepping for private key
2014-10-17 clinton_admincreate-user: create ~/.domtool link as admin and chown
2014-10-17 clinton_admindomtool: make -j2 because we finally have enough ram
2014-10-17 clinton_admindomtool: deploy server and slave simultaneously on...
2014-04-29 clinton_adminIncrease default quota from 400M to 4G
2014-04-29 clinton_adminDomtool server moved to fritz
2014-04-29 clinton_adminRemove non-existant db volume from quotadisplay
2014-04-29 clinton_adminca-install fixes
2014-03-04 clinton_adminGrant webalizer read permissions to new user logs
2013-08-18 clinton_adminAvoid deleting log files for removed vhosts
2013-07-23 Clinton Ebadinew-user fixes
2013-07-23 Clinton EbadiUpdate domtool library manual when installing server
2013-07-23 Clinton EbadiRemove mire from admin scripts
2013-07-23 clinton_adminSilence apache-sync-logs
2013-07-14 Clinton EbadiRemove stale log files and speed up apache log sync
2013-01-11 Clinton Ebadi"Factored" create-user, and script to create shared...
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiScripts to deploy domtool across all hosts
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiUpdate create-user for new nodes
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiSet initial user password from MemberApp in database
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiRun remove from lists on deleuze
2012-12-20 clinton_adminFix restoring shell on unfreeze when member did not...
2012-12-20 clinton_adminMove frozen database into afs, run on fritz
2012-12-20 clinton_adminSync keytabs to navajos
2012-12-20 clinton_adminCreate postgresql 9.1 tablespaces for users
2012-12-20 clinton_adminEscape @ in mail address for quotacheck
2012-12-20 clinton_adminCorrect order of sudo in apache sync logs
2012-08-06 clinton_adminWork around portal storing passwords in local fs space...
2012-07-04 clinton_adminUpdate destroy-user
2012-03-25 clinton_adminEscape tablespace name when creating postgresql tablespace
2011-12-12 clinton_adminMake `new-user' half-work again
2011-11-30 Clinton EbadiDon't create LDAP entries for new users
2011-11-30 Clinton EbadiUpdate `create-user' to operate on fritz properly
2011-10-19 clinton_adminOnly propagate kerberos db to hopper
2011-03-11 clinton_admincreate-user: Database creation fixes
2011-03-11 clinton_admincreate-user: Sync keytabs to fritz
2011-02-26 clinton_adminBCC: admins@hcoop.net instead of just admins in quotacheck
2011-02-26 clinton_admin...and pass the new db arguments to the commands to...
2011-02-26 clinton_adminRemove obsolete database volume information from quotac...
2011-02-26 Clinton EbadiUpdate database backup script to connect to fritz
2011-02-26 Clinton EbadiBCC admins@ instead of docelic@ in quota check
2011-02-26 Clinton EbadiCheck quotas on fritz instead of deleuze
2011-02-26 Clinton EbadiYou need domtool-admin rights to destroy a user
2011-02-26 Clinton EbadiTypo fix in create-user
2011-02-26 Clinton EbadiExplicitly forward kerberos tokens in create-user
2011-02-23 Clinton EbadiCall `create-user-database' with $USER and not $PATHBITS
2011-02-21 Clinton EbadiSet +x on create-user-database script
2011-02-21 Clinton EbadiCreate user volumes on fritz instead of deleuze
2011-02-21 Clinton EbadiCreate database tablespace stubs on fritz
2011-02-21 Clinton EbadiSync changes in current working tree
2010-03-29 Richard Darsthcoop-kprop: update for fritz
2010-03-29 Richard Darsthcoop-backup{,-wrapper}: temporarily disable backups
2009-04-04 mwolson_adminhcoop-git-maint: Send output to /dev/null.
2009-04-04 mwolson_adminNew stuff.
2009-04-04 mwolson_adminVarious improvements.
2009-04-01 mwolson_adminhcoop-git-maint: Improve detection of bad permissions.
2009-02-24 mwolson_admincreate-user: Only change public_html acls if dir does...
2009-02-08 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Ignore ghc's autogenerated conf files.
2009-02-08 mwolson_adminChanges by docelic.
2008-11-24 mwolson_adminMake several scripts STFU.
2008-11-11 mwolson_adminbackup-manager: Add help command.
2008-11-11 mwolson_adminInitial version of backup-manager.
2008-10-17 mwolson_adminhcoop-git-maint: Quick hack to deal with bad user permi...
2008-10-16 mwolson_adminMisc create-user fixes from docelic.
2008-09-17 mwolson_adminhcoop-git-maint: Only update page if new content is...
2008-09-08 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: More permissions twiddling.
2008-09-04 mwolson_adminhcoop-backups: Further tweak permissions.
2008-09-03 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Be sure that only root can read in-progre...
2008-09-03 mwolson_adminrsync-shell: Enforce bandwidth limit of 325 KB/s.
2008-09-03 mwolson_adminInitial implementation of rsync-shell functionality.
2008-09-03 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Directory itself must be owner-writable.