2011-05-18 Clinton EbadiFix missing `without-special-symbol-access' in `funcall... master
2011-05-17 Clinton EbadiSupport `:activate ((DESC . SPECIAL-INITARGS))' in...
2011-04-13 Clinton EbadiExport portions of `lol-ucw'
2011-02-22 Clinton EbadiPass &rest args onto next method in display t NULL
2010-12-24 Clinton EbadiFix multiple evaluation of `object' form in `with-descr...
2010-11-04 Clinton EbadiSuppress printing of `attribute-editp' when displaying...
2010-08-30 Clinton Ebadimakunbound when +unbound-slot+ is passed to default...
2010-08-22 Clinton EbadiUse CLOSER-COMMON-LISP package to resolve conflicts...
2010-06-13 Clinton EbadiExport `attribute-setter' clinton
2010-05-25 Clinton EbadiUse parenscript-classic rather than parenscript
2010-04-10 Drew Crampsieadd patch for proper attribute classes origin/HEAD origin/master
2009-12-20 drewcFinal New Description patch!
2009-12-20 drewcadd more files for new description code
2009-12-20 drewcMore new description code, still broken
2009-12-20 drewcInitial commit of new description code (warning: broken!)
2009-09-20 drewcNew implementation (load "new-description.lisp") of...
2009-08-06 drewcAdd dlambda + contextl hack
2009-07-27 drewcAdd the missing manual (!!)
2009-07-24 drewcadd contextl component using new dynamic environment...
2009-06-09 drewctons of small changes to bring this up to date with...
2009-02-11 drewcminor updates to work with released ucw-core
2009-01-08 drewcAdd LOL component
2009-01-08 drewcAdd context stuff, but don't use it.
2009-01-08 drewcAdd validation code.
2009-01-07 drewcMisc Cleanups.
2008-11-07 drewcremobe ROFL and add validation
2008-09-27 drewcAdd NULL description
2008-09-27 drewcAdd update to rofl
2008-08-31 drewcAdd :attributes option to core description class
2008-08-30 drewcAdded more ROFL changes
2008-08-28 drewcChanges from maxclaims branch (git).
2008-08-28 drewcError handling fixes
2008-08-28 drewcAdded NULL description and added :when option for attri...
2008-04-23 drewcAdded tutorial, added LABEL attribute to T description...
2008-04-23 drewcMoved description details out of display.
2008-04-21 drewcExpanded support for Configurable editing.
2008-04-04 drewcadded ROFL test cases + extra formatting hooks for...
2008-02-23 drewcFix multi-action form.
2008-02-23 drewcforget the tests directory!
2008-02-22 drewcAPI CHANGE: Removed the OBJECT arg from attribute-value
2008-01-25 drewcProperties are special now!
2008-01-19 drewccheckpoint.. nothing to see here.
2008-01-19 drewcMade attribute class layered
2008-01-19 drewcsimplified slot access somewhat. layered slots still...
2008-01-14 drewcMove initialization of attribute object
2008-01-11 drewcAdded standard descriptions and UCW integration.
2007-09-07 drewcAdd missing file and fix initialzation
2007-09-07 drewcInclude some more new stuff.
2007-09-07 drewcAdding new implementation of LoL to repository.
2007-09-07 drewcrestructure .asd
2007-09-07 drewcmore cruft!
2007-09-07 drewcnuke more cruft
2007-09-07 drewcremoving historical implementation
2007-06-12 attila.lendvaiDrop usage of defaction
2007-06-10 Drew CrampsieAdd forgotten defdescription form.
2007-05-05 drewcMassive patch to compile with modern versions of the...
2006-10-05 drewcremove unused comment... this is why we don't comment.
2006-10-05 drewcwhitespace fixes
2006-10-05 drewcAdded 'CRUD' component example
2006-10-05 drewcForm types
2006-08-03 drewcreorganized some source files
2006-05-31 drewcminor fixes
2006-05-31 drewcMore fixes and updates to validation system
2006-05-30 drewccommited new validation system.
2006-05-30 drewcfixed up wrappers .. we are this close to being fully...
2006-05-30 drewcpackage some exports
2006-05-30 drewcMewa changes, mostly refactoring and removing backwards...
2006-05-30 drewcfixed up display mechanism
2006-05-30 drewcAdded a few attributes that are nice n easy to use...
2006-05-30 drewcRemoved most of the old LoL stuff for good.
2006-05-06 drewcadd support for lines to default display
2006-05-06 drewcsubclass UCW's form classes in the editor layer.
2006-05-06 drewcRemoved legacy files from .asd
2006-03-21 Drew Crampsiemassive refactoring in preparation of release.
2006-03-02 Drew Crampsiefixes from sunrise
2006-02-24 Drew Crampsieremoved warning which caused error
2006-02-23 Drew CrampsieMajor patch touching a lot, representing the new lol...
2006-02-02 Drew Crampsieadded forgotten dojo.lisp.
2006-02-02 Drew Crampsiebeginnings of a test component.
2006-02-02 Drew Crampsiefix to legacy checkbox.
2006-02-02 Drew Crampsieadding string-attribute.
2006-02-02 Drew Crampsiefix all the definitions affected by defdisplay refactoring
2006-02-02 Drew Crampsiechange PLIST to PROPERTIES, abstract is good.
2006-02-02 Drew Crampsieammend last patch
2006-02-02 Drew Crampsieadding defdisplay.lisp and backwards-compat.lisp
2006-01-16 Drew Crampsiestray paren in last patch
2006-01-16 Drew Crampsiehas-many attribute added.. getting ther.
2006-01-12 Drew Crampsieadded the image attribute and a naive image picker
2006-01-12 Drew Crampsieconditionalize lol2 many-to-many
2006-01-12 Drew CrampsieExport LoL 3 symbols
2006-01-12 Drew Crampsieadded dependancy on cl-fad
2006-01-12 Drew CrampsieAdded standard-wrappers.lisp for 'wrapper' displays
2006-01-12 Drew Crampsiebraino that was in the archive somehow but not in my...
2006-01-12 Drew CrampsieAdded note about depreciation of the old LoL interface.
2006-01-12 Drew CrampsieStarted on the standard attributes by adding an image...
2006-01-12 Drew Crampsieadded bin/start.lisp in preparation of distributable LoL
2006-01-09 Drew Crampsieuse submit instead of button in many-to-many
2006-01-08 Drew Crampsiefixed braino in DISPLAY dispatch.
2006-01-08 Drew Crampsiefixed layer ordering.
2006-01-04 Drew Crampsiefilled in the as-table displays. step by step.