2010-02-02 Adam ChlipalaJoin script should rule out retired usernames master origin
2009-11-24 Adam ChlipalaChange dues amount on pledge page
2009-11-24 Adam ChlipalaFold dues increase into portal
2009-08-04 Adam ChlipalaAdd delete links on poll pages
2009-08-04 Adam ChlipalaInitial support for poll 'ready' bits
2009-07-02 Adam ChlipalaUpdate Checkout fee information
2009-03-24 Adam ChlipalaPassgen (admin part)
2009-03-24 Adam ChlipalaPassgen script (normal user part)
2009-03-21 Adam ChlipalaFix active balance summing
2009-02-03 Adam ChlipalaSuggest granting domtool ip privs
2009-01-29 Adam ChlipalaSend ticket change notifications even if status doesn...
2008-12-23 Adam ChlipalaInclude Peer 1 contact info in contact report
2008-09-27 Adam ChlipalaIP address instructions
2008-07-30 Adam ChlipalaAdd a note about no account existing yet in welcome.txt
2008-07-29 Adam ChlipalaRemove UNIX password files when accounts are marked...
2008-07-15 Adam ChlipalaLinks to list all transactions; debit/credit columns
2008-07-15 Adam ChlipalaShow running balances on transaction summaries
2008-06-30 Adam ChlipalaDefault dues description
2008-06-21 Adam ChlipalaTypo brigade to the rescue
2008-06-17 Adam ChlipalaWarn about Checkout e-mail anonymizing
2008-06-03 Adam ChlipalaMove colon to the right place in HTML
2008-06-03 Adam ChlipalaAdd warning about confirmation e-mail to join
2008-05-31 Adam ChlipalaAdd "joined this month" annotations in bootworthy list
2008-05-25 Adam ChlipalaCorrect prose typo
2008-05-24 Adam ChlipalaUncomment firewall rule request
2008-05-23 Adam ChlipalaMake it easier to find the e-mail addresses folks used...
2008-05-22 Adam ChlipalaAnnotate freezeworthy list with whether members joined...
2008-05-22 Adam ChlipalaActivate reseting of delinquent high pledges
2008-05-14 Adam ChlipalaMake prose read a little nicer
2008-05-14 Davor Ocelic* Add note about where is their password (surprisingly...
2008-05-11 Adam ChlipalaFix low balance reminder cut-off calculation
2008-05-11 Adam ChlipalaRemove one-time reminder text
2008-05-11 Adam ChlipalaFix reminder deposit calculation
2008-05-10 Adam ChlipalaFix low balance reminder script cut-off bug
2008-04-26 Adam ChlipalaFinish changes to follow dues policy changes
2008-04-24 Adam ChlipalaAdd single-user Apache bandwidth report on front page
2008-04-22 Adam ChlipalaChange definition of board majority
2008-04-19 Adam ChlipalaAdd back in link to old style bill
2008-04-19 Adam ChlipalaTracking dues policy changes
2008-04-12 Adam ChlipalaFix bug in specifying custom payment descriptions
2008-04-09 Adam ChlipalaReports for figuring out which accounts to freeze or...
2008-04-06 Adam ChlipalaIgnore retired members in dynamic geographic location...
2008-04-01 Adam ChlipalaMore Checkout payment options
2008-03-01 Adam ChlipalaPutting new balance stuff into action
2008-02-24 Adam ChlipalaPoll voting limit by membership length
2008-02-24 Adam ChlipalaMost of lowering of pledges for delinquents
2008-02-22 Adam ChlipalaFixing problems various in membership application and...
2008-02-18 Adam ChlipalaUpdate low balance reminder for new deposit regime
2008-02-18 Adam ChlipalaAdd Checkout fees warning
2008-02-18 Adam ChlipalaSubtract deposit amounts from displayed balances
2008-02-16 Adam Chlipalahcoop-help support
2008-01-24 Adam ChlipalaList open polls on polls page
2008-01-19 Adam ChlipalaMake mass-mailto link use Bcc
2008-01-19 Adam ChlipalaContact info dumper
2008-01-19 Adam ChlipalaMark pending requests with how long ago they were submitted
2008-01-19 Adam ChlipalaMember of root group who aren't board members may not...
2008-01-05 Adam ChlipalaMake clear difference between minimum balance and minim...
2008-01-01 Adam ChlipalaWarn about requesting www.* domains
2008-01-01 Adam ChlipalaBigger text announcing the need to remember a password
2007-12-29 Adam ChlipalaAllow extra blank lines in vos output
2007-12-28 Adam Chlipalamembers2 -> members
2007-12-27 Adam ChlipalaUpdate support FAQ-ish section
2007-12-23 Adam ChlipalaOne character of improvement
2007-12-23 Adam ChlipalaVarious quota request improvements, suggested by docelic
2007-12-16 Adam ChlipalaQuota requests
2007-12-15 Adam ChlipalaComment out security stuff that we aren't using yet
2007-12-15 Adam Chlipalamembers2 -> members
2007-12-15 Adam ChlipalaChange wiki2 to wiki
2007-12-14 Adam ChlipalaFix Mailman subscription by installing /usr/local/sbin...
2007-12-11 Adam ChlipalaFix PayPal/Checkout default on member payment page
2007-12-09 Adam ChlipalaI needed to add the word "average"\!
2007-12-09 Adam ChlipalaUpdate QoS to use right time units and stop showing...
2007-12-09 Adam ChlipalaUse 'vos listvol' for quota stats
2007-12-09 Adam ChlipalaQuotas link returns to header
2007-12-09 Adam ChlipalaDisk quota comparison
2007-12-09 Adam Chlipalawebbw is back
2007-12-09 Adam ChlipalaUpdate static page generation; display locations in...
2007-12-09 Adam ChlipalaSomeone added some text
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaNewlines at ends of password files
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaMagic http prefix adding
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaMake list request instructions correct
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaPicking mailing list vhosts out of Domtool data
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaTweakadeedooda while running through our first real...
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaThat password file writing was right before, gosh darn it
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaChanges to welcome text files
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaRemove subscribe-to-announce checkbox for now, as creat...
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaWrite password file
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaPeeking into members' applications
2007-12-08 Adam ChlipalaAll-in-one member retiring
2007-12-08 Adam Chlipaladocelic tidies up
2007-12-05 Michael OlsonActually, go further and just make globe.gif and hcoop...
2007-12-05 Adam ChlipalaComment out sidebar links to unimplemented reports
2007-12-04 Michael Olsonapp: Use https links for css and image
2007-12-04 Michael Olsonlist: Point people at wiki for instructions on using...
2007-11-27 Adam ChlipalaChange SquirrelMail link; remove Usermin link
2007-11-24 Adam ChlipalaRemind about PayPal service fees
2007-11-24 Adam ChlipalaUse pwgen instead of apg
2007-11-22 Adam ChlipalaCopy application payment service addresses into permane...
2007-11-22 Adam ChlipalaNormalize e-mail addresses
2007-11-22 Adam ChlipalaUsing saved PayPal and Checkout e-mail addresses