2020-03-15 Clinton EbadiCooking: typo in black bean burger recipe master
2020-03-15 Clinton EbadiCooking: Improved hummus recipe, better roasted garlic
2020-03-15 Clinton EbadiCooking: Update black bean burger recipe to latest
2020-01-06 Clinton EbadiCooking/Hummus: increase cumin
2019-12-13 Clinton EbadiCooking/Hummus: yields 3.5-4 cups, not quarts
2019-12-13 Clinton EbadiCooking/Hummus: forgot the maras biberi, mention recipe...
2019-12-08 Clinton EbadiCooking/Guacamole: update recipe
2019-12-06 Clinton Ebadiindex: remove resume (again)
2019-12-06 Clinton EbadiCooking/Hummus: clarify comment about chickpea skins
2019-12-03 Clinton Ebadicss: set width for images
2019-12-03 Clinton Ebadifix a few typos in the hummus recipe
2019-12-02 clintonupdate resume
2019-12-02 Clinton EbadiCooking updates
2019-05-09 clintonupdates to two wip recipes, unlink politics
2019-02-02 clintonll I record this change? (1/23) [ynW...], or ? for...
2019-01-27 clintonInitial black bean burger recipe
2019-01-27 clintonmake site mobile friendly
2013-08-14 clintonupdate resume
2013-01-21 clintonA few changes
2012-06-20 clintonUpdate homebrew recipes
2012-02-27 clintonI brewed like ... five batches of beer in the last...
2012-02-27 clintonFun fact: I got a new bike
2012-02-27 clintonKind of lame CSS hack for image zooming
2011-07-25 clintonTypo fixes
2011-07-11 clintonLong overdue homebrewing update
2011-03-16 clintonBottled Foreign Extra Stout
2011-03-16 clintonRename html exports of beer recipes
2011-03-03 clintonMy bike died
2011-03-03 clintonMisc updates
2011-03-03 clintonNote that some projects are in git now and that I am...
2011-01-20 clintonA few links to recipes I recently brewed
2011-01-20 clintonAdd stout recipe and sanitize html file names
2011-01-09 clintonHomebrewing Updates
2010-11-06 clintonI read some Camus I am so god damned fancy
2010-10-20 clintonA few minor updates
2010-08-11 clintonRecipes!
2010-05-01 clintonNote Emacs on Android and Kawa Scheme for Android
2010-04-16 clintonNote new GPG keys
2010-04-04 clintonMore misguided Political Ranting from the Author
2010-04-04 clintonLon Horiuchi kibo anthrax Leuken-Baden Syria United...
2010-04-04 clintonFinished /The Concept of Anxiety/ by one Søren Kierkegaard
2010-03-16 clintonLeave it to me to make a syntax error
2010-03-16 clintonA few links to some Free Software for Android
2010-03-16 clintonLookit I read some more books
2009-11-03 clintonPointless vanity: Update index photo
2009-10-27 clintonBook I added forever ago but never updated
2009-10-27 clintonTwo new recipes
2009-03-03 clintonFinished /Brave New World/
2009-03-02 clintonMention guile-xosd2
2009-03-02 clintonAdd a couple more miscellaneous books
2009-02-25 clintonUnits!
2009-02-10 clintonFinished Zarathustra
2009-02-09 clintoncss fix
2009-02-09 clintonOops forgot the water there
2009-01-30 clinton* Quick spell check of the metaobject protocols page
2009-01-30 clintonFinally get printed CSS working entirely properly
2009-01-29 clintonRethicken borders to 1mm from 0.05mm (was supposed...
2009-01-29 clintonMake <code> blocks wrappable
2009-01-29 clintonCSS reorganization and print style updates
2009-01-28 clintonHide bad rating bullets in printed output
2009-01-28 clintonRemove the trailing space in the printed link style
2009-01-28 clintonSlight improvements to links with the print style and...
2009-01-28 clintonToday I made tasty bread
2009-01-26 clintonSometimes I Cook Food
2009-01-09 clintonFinished the /Lucifer/ series
2008-12-31 clintonMore typo fixes (perhaps I should stop being dumb and...
2008-12-31 clintonAckk, messed up the book list structure
2008-12-31 clintonThe reading binge continues: finished /Phaedo/
2008-12-30 clintonFinished /Repetition/
2008-12-14 clintonAdd a bunch more books
2008-12-14 clintonYet again I fuck up the formatting. Fixed.
2008-12-14 clintonSome more pretentious quotes
2008-12-11 clintonOops, formatted an entry incorrectly
2008-12-11 clintonComic books are books too, right?
2008-12-11 clintonFear and Trembling
2008-12-11 clintonMore typo fixes
2008-12-11 clintonChange photo on frontpage
2008-12-11 clintonTypo fixes
2008-12-11 clintonAdd trivial-timers project (and reorganize a tiny bit)
2008-12-11 clintonlookit a shiny new gpg key for signing asdf-install...
2008-12-11 clintonA bit more accurate description of the politics page
2008-12-11 clintonMention release status of Golgonooza and link to live...
2008-12-11 clintonNote that UCW Structural notes are out of date
2008-12-11 clintonMention new Bobot++ darcs repo
2008-12-11 clintonMinor wording change
2008-12-04 clintonMention ucw-forms and ucw-core_clinton branch
2008-12-04 clintonTweak CSS
2008-10-01 clintonAdd print/screen differentiation in stylesheet
2008-09-30 clintonAdd latex2png CSS styles
2008-09-29 clintonMore destailed description of my site setup
2008-09-28 clintonMinor whitespace fix (was making generated xhtml invalid)
2008-09-28 clintonUpdate Golgoonza link to use new darcsweb interwiki...
2008-09-27 clintonUpdate book-list for new HTML-TEMPLATE based generator
2008-09-26 clintonRevise Metaobject Protocol Essay
2008-09-26 clintonMention abandonment of livejournal
2008-09-26 clintonClarify my general political beliefs and fix some forma...
2008-09-26 clintonChange RSS link to new feed
2008-09-23 clintonNew page about my kilt
2008-08-29 clintonAdd Ecce Homo
2008-08-29 clintonExplain that *Beyond Good and Evil* is a negative attac...