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3 <h3>How to Join HCoop</h3>
5 HCoop is currently accepting new members and only asks that you meet the following basic requirements prior to submitting your application. Members must be able to:
7 <ul>
8 <li><strong>Pay $7/month in United States dollars.</strong> We prefer that you pay with <a href="https://www.paypal.com/">Paypal</a> or <a href="https://stripe.com/">Stripe</a>, which can process major credit cards or pull money from your bank account.
9 </li>
10 <li><strong>Use a basic GNU/Linux working environment.</strong> Most of our members are fairly technically inclined, but some aren't. If you haven't used GNU/Linux before, it doesn't have to be a deal breaker for you and HCoop. If you're good with computers and willing to do a little learning, you should be fine. Other HCoop members will probably be willing to help you through the use of our <a href="https://lists.hcoop.net/listinfo/hcoop-help">hcoop-help</a> mailing list.
11 </li>
12 <li><strong>Agree to our <a href="tos.html">Terms of Service</a>.</strong> Nothing too weird.
13 </li>
14 <li><strong>Read the <a href="https://wiki.hcoop.net/MemberManual/GettingStarted">Getting Started</a> section of our <a href="https://wiki.hcoop.net/MemberManual">Member Manual</a>, which is on our <a href="https://wiki.hcoop.net/">Wiki</a></strong>. This will give you an overview of what you need to know to use your HCoop account effectively.
15 </li>
17 </ul>
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20 <h4>Ready to join? Just fill out the <a href="https://join.hcoop.net/join/join">online application</a>.</h4>
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