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2 Title: The Webalizer
3 Version: 2.20
4 Entered-date: 01JUN2008
5 Description: A fast, free web server log file analysis program. Produces
6 HTML output for viewing with a web browser. Written in C on
7 a Linux platform, however designed to be as ANSI/POSIX
8 compliant as possible so porting to other UNIX platforms should
9 be painless. Binary distributions for most popular platforms
10 are available. Features multiple language support, incremental
11 processing capabilities, reverse DNS lookup support, native
12 geolocation support as well as geolocation support via the
13 optional GeoIP library and database from MaxMind Inc., data
14 export via tab delimited ASCII files to popular databases and
15 spreadsheets, and much more. Supports all standard CLF and
16 combined web logs, wu-ftpd xferlog, squid proxy and extended
17 W3C format logs, all of which can be either in standard text
18 format or compressed using gzip or bzip2.
19 Keywords: Web Analysis, Log Analysis, Linux, Unix, apache, wcmgr, GeoDB
20 Author: Bradford L. Barrett
21 Maintained-by: Bradford L. Barrett
22 Primary-site:
23 Original-site:
24 Platforms: Linux/Unix, OS/2, Win32, MacOSX, POSIX
25 Copying-policy: GPL
26 End