Imported Debian patch 2.23.05-1
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1webalizer for Debian
4For configuration, checkout /etc/webalizer/webalizer.conf. Full description
5of the different options is in there too. Also, the 'webalizer --help'
6command might be useful.
8NOTE: This package was ported to use Gettext.
9 Option --with-language=<language> in configure script was striped.
10 If your language wasnt in webalizer, please translate .po file and
11 sent to me.
13NOTE: This package was linked against GD 1.3, instead of 1.2. libgd-1.3's
14 copyright is fairly different compared to libgd-1.2's. In fact,
15 version 1.3 of this graphics library is DFSG compliant. So the
16 copyright mentioned in the COPYRIGHT file that comes with the source
17 package of webalizer, doesn't apply to the binary package (at least,
18 the GD-stuff in the COPYRIGHT file doesn't).
21About webalizer cron.d script.
23Since webalizer (2.01.10-30) version, cron.d script (/etc/cron.daily/webalizer)
24Was changed to read /etc/webalizer/*.conf files instead of just one
25/etc/webalizer.conf config file.
26If you want to create .conf files to multiple domains or vhost, just create
27your .conf file in /etc/webalizer and cron.d script will run all days.
31 Q:
32 Debian Bug report logs - #81918
33 Webalizer doesn't run properly but display some sort of error messages:
35 $ webalizer -q -n -t Web Statistik -o \
36 /var/lib/webspace/ \
37 /var/lib/webspace/etc/
38 Error: Unable to restore run data (99)
39 A:
40 Any error that says it failed to load the data file indicates a corrupt
41 data file. The one mentioned in the bug report is an exception (error 99),
42 which means that the data file being read was from a previous version and
43 is incompatible with the version being run.
45 Q:
46 Debian Bug report logs - #299260
47 Webalizer: fails to operate on squid-logs if locales is set to de_DE@euro
48 due to bad date
49 A:
50 The webalizer requires the date field to be confirmant to RFC specs..
51 You can change that in apache, but it breaks RFC conformance.
53 Q:
54 Debian Bug report logs - #114768
55 I've switched off the URL report (it's a collated log file of multiple
56 sites, so there ain't much info in there).
57 But the "Top URLs By KBytes" still appears, only the listing by # of hits is
58 gone.
59 It does work for all the other tables I've switched off (both Referrer
60 tables, for example).
61 A:
62 There are 2 URL tables: one by hits, and one by KBytes. Setting TopURLs to
63 zero suppresses the one by hits. Setting TopKURLs to zero suppresses the
64 one by KBytes.
66 Q:
67 Debian Bug report logs - #258058
68 Webalizer generates html reports that have badly encoded polish special
69 signs, i.e. they display as "?".
70 A:
71 Problem with browser not generating polish, possible fix is to add
72 a charset tag via the HTMLHead config option for the correct charset.
74 Q:
75 Debian Bug report logs - #98749
76 Webalizer can't handle spaces in URLs at all, the URL is cut at the
77 first space and the statistics are generated accordingly.
78 For example "Test File" is handled as if it were "Test"
79 A:
80 True. According to the RFC, space characters are considered 'unsafe'
81 and should not be used in URLs. In addition, space characters are
82 used for field terminators in web logs. Leave it to Microsoft to
83 encourage their use and subvert the RFC.
85 Q:
86 Debian Bug report logs - #298823
87 "Warning: String exceeds storage size" problem
88 I'm *regularily* getting the following notorious messages:
89 [new_unode] Warning: String exceeds storage size (261)
90 A:
91 These are simply warnings and do not effect the program. Same with
92 the 'Truncating...' messages. If it really bugs someone, they can
93 increase the buffer sizes in webalizer.h, but can otherwise be safely
94 ignored.
96Remco van de Meent <>, Wed, 10 Jun 1998 20:07:55 +0200
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