Port to Debian Buster and OpenAFS 1.8
[hcoop/debian/libnss-afs.git] / nss_afs.c
2020-02-15 Clinton EbadiPort to Debian Buster and OpenAFS 1.8 master debian/2.05
2018-04-07 Clinton EbadiRelease 2.04 debian/2.04
2014-03-05 Clinton EbadiConsistently use size_t for buflen
2014-03-05 Clinton Ebadigroup.gr_mem is a vector of pointers; use address of...
2014-03-05 Todd LewisFix possible buffer overflow: buflen (a size_t*) was...
2014-02-19 Clinton EbadiRemove unused inclusion of afs/afs.h
2010-01-03 Adam Megaczworkaround for a bug in recent versions of pam_unix.so 2.01
2009-12-09 Adam Megaczreturn NSS_STATUS_UNAVAIL if used without nscd 2.0
2009-12-09 Adam Megaczfix minor bugs in nss_afs.c
2009-07-12 rootperror() should not be given a trailing \n
2009-07-11 rootremember to release mutex if we fail due to empty ThisCell
2009-07-11 rootset namelist_val to &uname rather than just uname
2009-07-06 megaczextra error logging
2008-04-27 megaczv1.07: fix highly-improbable segfault 1.07
2008-04-08 megaczv1.05: fail-fast if network is likely to be down 1.05
2008-04-07 megaczv1.04 fix potential segfault 1.04
2008-03-31 megaczv1.03: tiny performance improvement, lots of commenting 1.03
2008-03-31 megaczrelease v1.02 (important bugfix) 1.02
2008-03-29 megaczrelease v1.01, include support for old Linux 2.4-style... 1.01
2008-03-26 megaczinitial import