2020-10-14 Oliver MatthewsOnly output file download error text when logging is... master origin/HEAD origin/master v0.10.5
2020-10-14 Oliver Matthewsupdate changelog
2020-10-14 Clinton EbadiFollow next links and collect all items in Groupings
2020-10-14 Oliver MatthewsCreate
2020-10-14 Oliver MatthewsCreate
2020-09-14 Oliver MatthewsTweaking default verbosity v0.10.4
2020-09-14 Oliver MatthewsFix global batch
2020-09-14 Oliver MatthewsMake readmes text files
2020-09-14 Oliver Matthewsremove debug print statement
2020-09-10 Oliver Matthewsremove globals v0.10.3
2020-09-10 Oliver Matthewsfix individual thing grabs
2020-09-10 Oliver Matthewsfix single thing downloads
2020-09-07 Oliver Matthewscleanup in progress
2020-08-07 Oliver MatthewsUpdate
2020-08-07 Oliver Matthewsfix file get v0.10.2
2020-08-06 Oliver MatthewsUpdate
2020-08-06 Oliver MatthewsFix a couple of minor bugs v0.10.1
2020-07-27 Oliver MatthewsApi (#14) v0.10.0
2020-07-16 Oliver MatthewsUse a safe formatting for timstamps in filenames v0.9.0
2020-07-16 Oliver MatthewsFix minor typo, add to allow compres...
2020-07-16 Oliver Matthewsadd compression support
2020-07-14 Oliver MatthewsAdd custom FileLinks class, 7z writing initial implemen...
2020-07-12 Oliver Matthewsensure timestamps are always valid
2020-07-01 Oliver MatthewsDeal with thingiverse returning no files for a thing. v0.8.3
2020-04-17 Oliver MatthewsCouple of minor filname handling fixes for windows...
2020-04-14 Oliver MatthewsRework unicode file handling & selenium tidy up. Fixes...
2020-04-14 Oliver MatthewsStrip unicode characters from filenames in license...
2020-04-13 Oliver MatthewsRemove unicode characters from filenames - fixes #6
2020-04-12 Oliver MatthewsFix #4 - deal with bug in date parsing
2020-03-26 Oliver MatthewsUpdate to support new frontend v0.8.0
2020-03-24 Oliver Matthewsupdate it to work with new thingiverse
2020-02-21 Oliver MatthewsUpdate v0.7.0
2020-02-21 Oliver MatthewsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/multiprocess'
2020-02-21 Oliver Matthewsremove : from timestamps on updated dirs origin/multiprocess
2020-02-21 Oliver Matthewsdocument quick mode
2020-02-21 Oliver Matthewsadd initial version of quick mode
2020-02-21 Oliver Matthewsmove thing mode to use seperate download process
2020-02-21 Oliver Matthewsautopep8
2020-02-05 MatthewsSkip empty lines in batch text files
2020-02-05 MatthewsFix format string
2020-02-05 MatthewsAdd thing_id to downloaded directories.
2020-02-05 Oliver MatthewsDon't forget to push changes next time. v0.6.3
2020-02-05 MatthewsAdd setup script for cx_Freeze
2020-02-05 Oliver Matthewslog file support
2020-02-05 MatthewsYet another vs code file to ignore
2020-02-03 Matthewshelps if I get the change right.
2020-02-03 MatthewsAdd visual studio code workspaces to ignore
2020-01-28 Oliver Matthewsadd error handling
2020-01-20 Oliver Matthewsget readme & license details
2019-11-28 Oliver Matthewsadd multiple entry support v0.6
2019-11-28 Oliver Matthewsautopep v0.5
2019-11-28 Oliver MatthewsAdd batch support
2019-11-28 Oliver Matthewsswitch to python logging
2019-11-27 Oliver Matthewschange target download dir and get images
2019-11-27 Oliver Matthewsadd version command
2019-11-27 Oliver Matthewsadd target directory choice
2019-11-27 Oliver MatthewsWell, it turns out thingiverse uses slightly different... v0.3
2019-11-26 Oliver MatthewsMove old downloads sideways v0.2
2019-11-26 Oliver MatthewsAllow downloading designs
2019-11-08 Oliver Matthewsadd thing downloading
2019-11-02 Oliver MatthewsAdd timestamp support
2019-11-01 Oliver Matthewsmove failed downloads sideways
2019-11-01 Oliver Matthewshandle collections with spaces in the name
2019-11-01 Oliver MatthewsAdd requirements for conda v0.1
2019-11-01 Oliver Matthewsinitial version
2019-11-01 Oliver MatthewsInitial commit