2022-02-19 Clinton Ebadiminidsp-lcd-monitor: clear entire line when displaying... master
2022-02-19 Clinton Ebadiminidsp-lcd-monitor: simplify lookup of changed attributes
2022-02-12 Clinton Ebadiminidsp-lcd-monitor: simple volume display for minidsp...
2021-07-12 Clinton Ebadimame-catver-filter: filter mame roms by category
2014-11-26 Clinton Ebadiled-controller: improve driver loop
2014-11-26 Clinton Ebadiled controller: port to teensy 3.1
2014-11-26 Clinton EbadiRename arduino led driver to appease arduino IDE
2014-11-24 Clinton Ebadiarduino rgb led strip driver
2014-11-24 Clinton Ebadixbmc file upload / playlist insert example
2014-11-24 Clinton EbadiExperiments in controlling LEDs using Guile + Arduino
2014-11-24 Clinton Ebadidualshock 3 -> zsnes button converter
2014-11-24 Clinton EbadiCommon Lisp hack to rename some videos
2014-11-24 Clinton EbadiBasic gimp gradient loader
2014-11-24 Clinton EbadiSomething about generating smooth playlists
2014-11-24 Clinton EbadiPartial implementation of scsh define-record
2014-11-24 Clinton EbadiBeerXML to xhtml
2014-11-24 Clinton EbadiPainfully trivial automata
2014-11-24 Clinton EbadiConverting old unused darcs scratch repo to git