Added a specific breakpoint for the M68K illegal instruction exception
[clinton/Virtual-Jaguar-Rx.git] / src / jaguar.cpp
2019-08-17 Jean-Paul MariAdded a specific breakpoint for the M68K illegal instru...
2019-08-16 Jean-Paul MariMerge pull request #17 from djipi/release/R4
2019-08-15 Jean-Paul MariFix specific breakpoint for ROM cartridge or unknown... v2.1.3-R4a
2018-10-23 Jean-Paul MariAdded multiple breakpoints feature and their key bindings
2018-09-08 Jean-Paul MariJaguar model and BIOS configuration integration
2018-08-30 Jean-Paul MariBreakpoint will happen in case of writing at unknown...
2018-08-20 Jean-Paul MariROM cartridge writing detection
2017-09-06 Jean-Paul MariFirst commit