Changes for compatibility with Apache 2.
[hcoop/zz_old/modwaklog.git] / VERSION
2006-11-30 umjarodChanges for compatibility with Apache 2.
2006-06-23 umjarodRemoved most #if 0's. Removed k4 code. Changed waklog...
2005-11-01 jarod"Hard-coded paths made more generic. These will soon...
2004-09-21 drhLess logging
2004-04-29 drhnon-test principal, sleep time, directive attempts...
2004-04-19 drhK5 only
2004-04-07 drhMemory leak cleanup
2004-04-01 drhSimplify
2004-03-31 drhFirst pass
2003-05-08 clunisbaby steps toward keytab
2003-02-22 clunisfinished waklog rename, added WaklogProtected directive
2002-08-07 clunismoved setpag to child initialization.
2002-08-07 clunissimple version tracking added.