2018-04-06 clinton_adminmissing updates to wheezy preseed master
2015-04-15 Clinton Ebadipreseed/jessie: install fail2ban by default
2015-04-15 Clinton Ebadipreseed/jessie: install dnscache-run
2015-04-15 Clinton Ebadipreseed/jessie: increase openafs cache partition size
2015-04-15 Clinton Ebadipostinstall/mccarthy: correct ln order
2015-04-15 Clinton Ebadimccarthy jessie post install
2015-04-15 Clinton Ebadipreseed/jessie: enable irqbalance
2014-02-19 Clinton EbadiUse openafs from backports
2014-02-19 Clinton EbadiUpdate suite and backports for wheezy
2014-02-19 Clinton EbadiGeneric linux-image instead of linux-image-2.6
2014-02-19 Clinton EbadiSet default_realm to quiet krb5 during installer
2014-02-18 Clinton EbadiDefault locale to en_US.UTF-8 instead of en_US
2014-02-18 Clinton EbadiFix afs cache size
2013-09-13 Clinton EbadiFork squeeze preseed into wheezy preseed
2013-01-06 Clinton Ebadioutpost postinst
2013-01-06 Clinton EbadiRegen firewall after installing bog
2012-12-30 Clinton EbadiInstall only common node config in preseed
2012-12-30 Clinton EbadiBasic post-install for bog
2012-12-30 Clinton EbadiBootstrap domtool in postinst
2012-12-11 Clinton EbadiFix typo and add official Debian backports
2012-12-11 Clinton EbadiREADME
2012-12-11 Clinton EbadiPost install script for navajos
2012-12-11 Clinton EbadiKrb5 config settings to quiet installer
2012-12-11 Clinton EbadiInclude packages needed to build domtool
2012-12-11 Clinton EbadiName and include hcoop apt repository in installed...
2012-04-28 Clinton EbadiInstall hcoop admin node config
2012-04-28 Clinton EbadiDon't set hostname or initial root pw
2012-04-28 Clinton EbadiOnly ask critical questions
2012-04-28 Clinton EbadiBasic partman config
2012-03-25 Clinton EbadiUse local mirror to install `libnss-afs` and base hcoop...
2012-03-17 Clinton EbadiSort-of-kind-of Working Preseed Configuration
2012-03-17 Clinton EbadiDebconf settings and unmodified preseed files