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4 This module implements handling of e-mail aliases and configuring
5 domains for which e-mail should be accepted locally for the exim MTA
6 (
8 A .aliases file in a domain's directory controls its e-mail
9 aliases. A target below may one of three things:
11 * a local username, to deliver mail to that user
12 * an e-mail address, to forward mail to it
13 * !, to delete mail to this address
15 The file then consists of a sequence of lines of the following types.
17 * user target: Send all mail to user@domain to target
18 * * target: Send all mail to domain not matching any other rule
19 to target. However, if mail is sent to an existing UNIX username on
20 Abulafia, the message will go to that account
21 * ** target: Send all mail that does not match another rule to
22 domain to target, even mail addressed to real UNIX usernames
24 These policies are implemented by writing to two different alias files
25 which are meant to be processed in different passes. The first one
26 (probably /etc/aliases) should be check before exim checks an e-mail
27 recipient against local useranmes or other special targets. After
28 this, local usernames should be checked. Finally, the second alias
29 file (such as /etc/aliases.default) should be checked, to implement
30 "catch-all" addresses that handle all mail not matching other rules.
33 The module also handles receiving notifications of which domains
34 delegate mail handling to this host and incorporating this information
35 into exim configuration files. A file local_domains is maintained in
36 the domtool scratchDir, along with the last version of it in
37 local_domains.last, to detect when changes have been made. The module
38 will attempt to generate exim.conf by concatenatning local_domains and
39 a file exim.base. The paths for these files are configurable in
40 config.sml, as is the command used to tell exim to reload exim.conf
41 afterwards.