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4 This module interfaces with djbdns (
6 A .dns file in a domain's directory controls its DNS settings. Such
7 files consist of a sequence of lines of the following types:
9 * Primary host ip: Sets the primary DNS server for the domain to IP
10 address ip, naming it host.domain
11 * Secondary host ip: Adds a secondary DNS server for the domain with
12 IP address ip, naming it host.domain
13 * Mail host ip: Add a server to process e-mail for the domain with IP
14 address ip, naming it host.domain. Mail servers will attempt to
15 deliver mail to the servers you list following the order in which you
16 list them, starting from the first.
17 * Default ip: Sets the IP address for domain to ip
18 * Host host ip: Sets the IP address for host.domain to ip
19 * Alias host ip: Sets the IP address for host.domain to ip; use this
20 when this IP address has already been assigned a name in this domain
21 with Default or Host
22 * Redir host1 host2: Sets host1.domain to have the same IP address as
23 host2. This should almost never be used, as it requires every client
24 resolution of this hostname to follow the chain of redirections,
25 possibly across different servers. You should usually define a
26 variable for a commonly used host IP address and use it with Host and
27 Alias directives.
30 All domains' mappings will be combined into a single file called
31 data.shared in the domtool scratch directory. To publish, this file
32 will be copied to the location specified in config.sml. Running make
33 in the the djbns data root is a good thing to do in pubCommand to get
34 changes propagated.
36 This module tries to copy a default .dns file into new domain
37 directories when mkdom is used. Be sure to set defaultFile to an
38 appropriate filename if this is to work.
40 When the module sees that a domain has an MX mapping, it can notify
41 another module that mail for this domain should be accepted locally. A
42 module that wants to receive this notification should call
43 Djbdns.setLocalDomainHandler.