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4 This module handles configuration of Apache 1.3
5 ( virtual hosts, as well as automatically
6 setting up Webalizer ( access
7 statistics generation for each virtual host.
9 Any file in a domain's directory whose name is a valid hostname (i.e.,
10 www, myhost, etc.) is taken to be configuration for an Apache
11 virtual host. These are separate web sites that Apache serves,
12 differentiated based on the hostname contained in a request. The
13 following configuration directives may appear on separate lines in
14 such files:
16 * ServerAdmin email: Set the e-mail address of the vhost's admin to
17 email.
18 * User user: Run CGI programs as UNIX user user. The default is
19 nobody.
20 * Group group: Run CGI programs with UNIX group group. The
21 default is nogroup. You are probably not in nogroup, so you
22 probably want to include Group myuser if you also have User
23 myuser.
24 * UserDir: Map requests to http://domain/~user/... to the
25 corresponding files and directories in user's public_html
26 directory, if he has one.
27 * DocumentRoot dir: Use dir as the base directory for site
28 content.
29 * RewriteRule ...: These lines are passed verbatim to Apache's
30 mod_rewrite (
31 * Alias urldir realdir: Serve requests for things in directory
32 urldir out of realdir.
33 * ScriptAlias urldir realdir: Like the above, but for scripts. It's
34 like the same-named Apache directive.
35 * SSI: Enable server-side includes.
36 * ServerAlias hostname: Serve requests for full hostname hostname
37 with this same vhost. There must exist an appropriate host.aliased
38 file corresponding to hostname. For example, if hostname is
39, the file /etc/domains/site/web/my.aliased must exist.
40 * WebalizerUsers userlist: Only allow users in space-separated
41 userlist to view the Webalizer statistics for this vhost.
42 * AbuPrivate: Force visitors to this vhost to log in with their
43 web accounts. The password file used for this is indicated by
44 passwdFile in config.sml. Deny access if a correct username and
45 password are not provided.
46 * CGI dir: Mark filesystem directory dir as containing executable
47 CGI scripts/programs.
48 * Default: Where the configuration file is describing
49 host.domain, this sets domain by itself as an alternate name for
50 this vhost.
51 * ErrorDocument code url: This is the Apache ErrorDocument
52 directive verbatim.
53 * HTML realdir: Serve every file in realdir as HTML.
55 The src/webpasswd/ directory contains a handy tool for allowing users
56 to set their own passwords and no one else's in an Apache password
57 file. It's helpful to use along with the AbuPrivate and WebalizerUsers
58 options.
61 The module generates a file vhosts.conf containing only virtual host
62 configuration. It is intended to be included by the standard
63 httpd.conf after all server-wide configuration and a default virtual
64 host block.