Imported Debian patch 2.23.05-1
[hcoop/zz_old/debian/webalizer.git] / debian / templates
... / ...
1Template: webalizer/upgrading
2Type: note
3_Description: Upgrading from a version < 2.01.6
4 WARNING: If you're upgrading from a version < 2.01.6, see
5 /usr/share/doc/webalizer/README.FIRST.gz for details on upgrading your old
6 data!!
8Template: webalizer/upgrade2011030
9Type: note
10_Description: Upgrading from a version < 2.01.10-30
11 WARNING: This release will move webalizer.conf file to /etc/webalizer
12 directory. New features have been included, too. Please read README.FIRST.gz,
13 README.gz and new examples/sample.conf.gz in /usr/share/doc/webalizer directory.
15Template: webalizer/directory
16Type: string
17Default: /var/www/webalizer
18_Description: Directory to put the output in:
20Template: webalizer/doc_title
21Type: string
22_Default: Usage Statistics for[ hostname will be appended ]
23_Description: Title of the reports webalizer will generate:
24 (your system's hostname will be appended to it)
26Template: webalizer/logfile
27Type: string
28Default: /var/log/apache/access.log.1
29_Description: Webserver's rotated log filename:
31Template: webalizer/dnscache
32Type: boolean
33Default: false
34_Description: Enable DNSCache Option?
35 Speed up name resolving with the DNSCache option enabled. See
36 /usr/share/doc/webalizer/DNS.README.gz for more information.