Imported Debian patch 2.23.05-1
[hcoop/zz_old/debian/webalizer.git] / webalizer.1
1.TH webalizer 1 "12-Jul-2008" "Version 2.20" "The Webalizer"
3webalizer - A web server log file analysis tool.
5.B webalizer
6[\fI option ... \fP] [\fI log-file \fP]
8.B webazolver
9[\fI option ... \fP] [\fI log-file \fP]
12The \fIWebalizer\fP is a web server log file analysis program which produces
13usage statistics in HTML format for viewing with a browser. The results
14are presented in both columnar and graphical format, which facilitates
15interpretation. Yearly, monthly, daily and hourly usage statistics are
16presented, along with the ability to display usage by site, URL, referrer,
17user agent (browser), username, search strings, entry/exit pages, and
18country (some information may not be available if not present in the log
19file being processed).
21The \fIWebalizer\fP supports \fBCLF\fP (common log format) log files,
22as well as \fBCombined\fP log formats as defined by NCSA and others,
23and variations of these which it attempts to handle intelligently. In
24addition, the \fIWebalizer\fP supports \fBxferlog\fP formatted (\fIFTP\fP)
25log files, \fBsquid\fP proxy logs and \fBW3C\fP extended format logs.
26Logs may also be compressed, via \fIgzip\fP (.gz) or, if enabled at compile
27time, \fIbzip2\fP (.bz2). If a compressed log file is detected, it will be
28automatically uncompressed while it is read. Compressed logs must have the
29standard \fIgzip\fP extension of \fB.gz\fP or \fIbzip2\fP extension of
32\fIwebazolver\fP is normally just a symbolic link to the \fIWebalizer\fP.
33When run as \fIwebazolver\fP, only DNS file creation/updates are performed,
34and the program will exit once complete. All normal options and
35configuration directives are available, however many will not be used.
36In addition, a DNS cache file must be specified. If the number of DNS
37children processes to use are not specified, the \fIwebazolver\fP will
38default to \fB5\fP.
40This documentation applies to The Webalizer Version 2.20
42The \fIWebalizer\fP was designed to be run from a Unix command line prompt or
43as a \fBcrond(8)\fP job. Once executed, the general flow of the program is:
44.TP 8
45.B o
46A default configuration file is scanned for. A file named
47\fIwebalizer.conf\fP is searched for in the current directory, and if
48found, it's configuration data is parsed. If the file is not
49present in the current directory, the file \fI/etc/webalizer.conf\fP
50is searched for and, if found, is used instead.
51.TP 8
52.B o
53Any command line arguments given to the program are parsed. This
54may include the specification of a configuration file, which is
55processed at the time it is encountered.
56.TP 8
57.B o
58If a log file was specified, it is opened and made ready for
59processing. If no log file was given, \fISTDIN\fP is used for input.
60If the log filename '\fB-\fP' is specified, \fISTDIN\fP will be forced.
61.TP 8
62.B o
63If an output directory was specified, the program does a \fBchdir(2)\fP to
64that directory in preparation for generating output. If no output
65directory was given, the current directory is used.
66.TP 8
67.B o
68If a non-zero number of DNS Children processes were specified, they will
69be started, and the specified log file will be processed, creating or
70updating the specified DNS cache file.
71.TP 8
72.B o
73If no hostname was given, the program attempts to get the hostname
74using a \fBuname(2)\fP system call. If that fails, \fIlocalhost\fP
75is used.
76.TP 8
77.B o
78A history file is searched for in the current directory (output
79directory) and read if found. This file keeps totals for previous
80months, which is used in the main \fIindex.html\fP HTML document.
81.B Note:
82The file location can now be specified with the \fIHistoryName\fP
83configuration option.
84.TP 8
85.B o
86If incremental processing was specified, a data file is searched for
87and loaded if found, containing the 'internal state' data of the
88program at the end of a previous run.
89.B Note:
90The file location can now be specified with the \fIIncrementalName\fP
91configuration option.
92.TP 8
93.B o
94Main processing begins on the log file. If the log spans multiple
95months, a separate HTML document is created for each month.
96.TP 8
97.B o
98After main processing, the main \fIindex.html\fP page is created, which
99has totals by month and links to each months HTML document.
100.TP 8
101.B o
102A new history file is saved to disk, which includes totals generated
103by The \fIWebalizer\fP during the current run.
104.TP 8
105.B o
106If incremental processing was specified, a data file is written that
107contains the 'internal state' data at the end of this run.
109The \fIWebalizer\fP supports incremental run capability. Simply
110put, this allows processing large log files by breaking them up into
111smaller pieces, and processing these pieces instead. What this means
112in real terms is that you can now rotate your log files as often as you
113want, and still be able to produce monthly usage statistics without the
114loss of any detail. Basically, The \fIWebalizer\fP saves and restores all
115internal data in a file named \fIwebalizer.current\fP. This allows the
116program to 'start where it left off' so to speak, and allows the
117preservation of detail from one run to the next. The data file is
118placed in the current output directory, and is a plain ASCII text
119file that can be viewed with any standard text editor. It's location
120and name may be changed using the \fIIncrementalName\fP configuration
123Some special precautions need to be taken when using the incremental
124run capability of The \fIWebalizer\fP. Configuration options should not be
125changed between runs, as that could cause corruption of the internal
126data stored. For example, changing the \fIMangleAgents\fP level will cause
127different representations of user agents to be stored, producing invalid
128results in the user agents section of the report. If you need to change
129configuration options, do it at the end of the month after normal
130processing of the previous month and before processing the current month.
131You may also want to delete the \fIwebalizer.current\fP file as well.
133The \fIWebalizer\fP also attempts to prevent data duplication by keeping
134track of the timestamp of the last record processed. This timestamp
135is then compared to current records being processed, and any records
136that were logged previous to that timestamp are ignored. This, in
137theory, should allow you to re-process logs that have already been
138processed, or process logs that contain a mix of processed/not yet
139processed records, and not produce duplication of statistics. The
140only time this may break is if you have duplicate timestamps in two
141separate log files... any records in the second log file that do have
142the same timestamp as the last record in the previous log file processed,
143will be discarded as if they had already been processed. There are
144lots of ways to prevent this however, for example, stopping the web
145server before rotating logs will prevent this situation. This setup
146also necessitates that you always process logs in chronological order,
147otherwise data loss will occur as a result of the timestamp compare.
149The \fIWebalizer\fP fully supports IPv4 and IPv6 DNS lookups, and
150maintains a cache of those lookups to reduce processing the same
151addresses in subsequent runs. The cache file can be created at
152run-time, or may be created before running the webalizer using either
153the stand alone '\fIwebazolver\fP' program, or The Webalizer (DNS)
154Cache file manager program '\fIwcmgr\fP'. In order to perform reverse
155lookups, a \fBDNSCache\fP file must be specified, either on the command
156line or in a configuration file. In order to create/update the cache
157file at run-time, the number of \fBDNSChildren\fP must also be specified,
158and can be anything between 1 and 100. This specifies the number of
159child processes to be forked, each of which will perform network DNS
160queries in order to lookup up the addresses and update the cache.
161Cached entries that are older than a specified TTL (time to live)
162will be expired, and if encountered again in a log, will be looked
163up at that time in order to 'freshen' them (verify the name is still
164the same and update its timestamp). The default TTL is 7 days, however
165may be set to anything between 1 and 100 days. Using the '\fIwcmgr\fP'
166program, entries may also be marked as 'permanent', in which case
167they will persist (with an infinite TTL) in the cache until manually
168removed. See the file \fBDNS.README\fP for additional information
169and examples.
171The \fIWebalizer\fP has the ability to perform geolocation lookups on
172IP addresses using either it's own internal \fIGeoDB\fP database, or
173optionally the \fIGeoIP\fP database from MaxMind, Inc. (
174If used, unresolved addresses will be searched for in the database and
175its country of origin will be returned if found. This actually produces
176more accurate \fICountry\fP information than DNS lookups, since the DNS
177address space has additional \fIgcTLDs\fP that do not necessarily map
178to a specific country (such as \\fP and \\fP). It is possible
179to use both DNS lookups and geolocation lookups at the same time, which
180will cause any addresses that could not be resolved using DNS lookups to
181then be looked up in the database, greatly reducing the number of
182\fIUnknown/Unresolved\fP entries in the generated reports. The native
183\fIGeoDB\fP geolocation database provided by The \fIWebalizer\fP fully
184supports both \fIIPv4\fP and \fIIPv6\fP lookups, is updated regularly and
185is the preferred geolocation method for use with The \fIWebalizer\fP. The
186most current version of the database can be obtained from our ftp site
189The \fIWebalizer\fP supports many different configuration options that will
190alter the way the program behaves and generates output. Most of these
191can be specified on the command line, while some can only be specified
192in a configuration file. The command line options are listed below,
193with references to the corresponding configuration file keywords.
195.I General Options
196.TP 8
197.B \-h
198Display all available command line options and exit program.
199.TP 8
200.B \-v
201Be verbose. Will cause the program to output informational
202and \fIDebug\fP messages at run-time.
203.TP 8
204.B \-V
205Display the program version and exit. Additional program specific
206information will be displayed if \fIverbose\fP mode is also used
207(e.g. '\fI-vV\fP'), which can be useful when submitting bug reports.
208.TP 8
209.B \-d
210\fBDebug\fP. Display debugging information for errors and warnings.
211.TP 8
212.B \-i
213\fBIgnoreHist\fP. Ignore history. \fBUSE WITH CAUTION\fP. This
214will cause The \fIWebalizer\fP to ignore any previous monthly history
215file only. Incremental data (if present) is still processed.
216.TP 8
217.B \-b
218\fBIgnoreState\fP. Ignore incremental data file. \fBUSE WITH CAUTION\fP.
219This will cause The \fIWebalizer\fP to ignore any existing incremental
220data file. By ignoring the incremental data file, all previous processing
221for the current month will be lost and those logs must be re-processed.
222.TP 8
223.B \-p
224\fBIncremental\fP. Preserve internal data between runs.
225.TP 8
226.B \-q
227\fBQuiet\fP. Suppress informational messages. Does not suppress
228warnings or errors.
229.TP 8
230.B \-Q
231\fBReallyQuiet\fP. Suppress all messages including warnings and errors.
232.TP 8
233.B \-T
234\fBTimeMe\fP. Force display of timing information at end of processing.
235.TP 8
236.B \-c \fIfile\fP
237Use configuration file \fIfile\fP.
238.TP 8
239.B \-n \fIname\fP
240\fBHostName\fP. Use the hostname \fIname\fP.
241.TP 8
242.B \-o \fIdir\fP
243\fBOutputDir\fP. Use output directory \fIdir\fP.
244.TP 8
245.B \-t \fIname\fP
246\fBReportTitle\fP. Use \fIname\fP for report title.
247.TP 8
248.B \-F \fP( \fBc\fPlf | \fBf\fPtp | \fBs\fPquid | \fBw\fP3c )
249\fBLogType\fP. Specify log type to be processed. Value can be either
250\fIc\fPlf, \fIf\fPtp, \fIs\fPquid or \fIw\fP3c format. If not specified,
251will default to \fBCLF\fP format. \fIFTP\fP logs must be in standard
252wu-ftpd \fIxferlog\fP format.
253.TP 8
254.B \-f
255\fBFoldSeqErr\fP. Fold out of sequence log records back into analysis,
256by treating as if they were the same date/time as the last good record.
257Normally, out of sequence log records are simply ignored.
258.TP 8
259.B \-Y
260\fBCountryGraph\fP. Suppress country graph.
261.TP 8
262.B \-G
263\fBHourlyGraph\fP. Suppress hourly graph.
264.TP 8
265.B \-x \fIname\fP
266\fBHTMLExtension\fP. Defines HTML file extension to use. If not
267specified, defaults to \fIhtml\fP. Do not include the leading
269.TP 8
270.B \-H
271\fBHourlyStats\fP. Suppress hourly statistics.
272.TP 8
273.B \-K \fInum\fP
274\fBIndexMonths\fP. Specify how many months should be displayed in the
275main index (yearly summary) table. Default is 12 months. Can be set
276to anything between 12 and 120 months (1 to 10 years).
277.TP 8
278.B \-k \fInum\fP
279\fBGraphMonths\fP. Specify how many months should be displayed in the
280main index (yearly summary) graph. Default is 12 months. Can be set
281to anything between 12 and 72 months (1 to 6 years).
282.TP 8
283.B \-L
284\fBGraphLegend\fP. Suppress color coded graph legends.
285.TP 8
286.B \-l \fInum\fP
287\fBGraphLines\fP. Specify number of background lines. Default
288is 2. Use zero ('0') to disable the lines.
289.TP 8
290.B \-P \fIname\fP
291\fBPageType\fP. Specify file extensions that are considered \fIpages\fP.
292Sometimes referred to as \fIpageviews\fP.
293.TP 8
294.B \-O \fIname\fP
295\fBOmitPage\fP. Specify URLs to exclude from being counted as \fIpages\fP.
296.TP 8
297.B \-m \fInum\fP
298\fBVisitTimeout\fP. Specify the Visit timeout period. Specified in
299number of seconds. Default is 1800 seconds (30 minutes).
300.TP 8
301.B \-I \fIname\fP
302\fBIndexAlias\fP. Use the filename \fIname\fP as an additional alias
303for \fIindex.\fP.
304.TP 8
305.B \-M \fInum\fP
306\fBMangleAgents\fP. Mangle user agent names according to the mangle
307level specified by \fInum\fP. Mangle levels are:
309.TP 12
310.B 5
311Browser name and major version.
312.TP 12
313.B 4
314Browser name, major and minor version.
315.TP 12
316.B 3
317Browser name, major version, minor version to two decimal places.
318.TP 12
319.B 2
320Browser name, major and minor versions and sub-version.
321.TP 12
322.B 1
323Browser name, version and machine type if possible.
324.TP 12
325.B 0
326All information (left unchanged).
328.TP 8
329.B \-g \fInum\fP
330\fBGroupDomains\fP. Automatically group sites by domain. The
331grouping level specified by \fInum\fP can be thought of as 'the
332number of dots' to display in the grouping. The default value
333of \fB0\fP disables any domain grouping.
334.TP 8
335.B \-D \fIname\fP
336\fBDNSCache\fP. Use the DNS cache file \fIname\fP.
337.TP 8
338.B \-N \fInum\fP
339\fBDNSChildren\fP. Use \fInum\fP DNS children processes to perform DNS
340lookups, either creating or updating the DNS cache file. Specify zero
341(\fB0\fP) to disable cache file creation/updates. If given, a DNS cache
342filename must be specified.
343.TP 8
344.B \-j
345Enable \fIGeoDB\fP. This enables the internal GeoDB geolocation services
346provided by The \fIWebalizer\fP.
347.TP 8
348.B \-J \fIname\fP
349\fBGeoDBDatabase\fP. Use the alternate GeoDB database \fIname\fP.
350.TP 8
351.B \-w
352Enable \fIGeoIP\fP. Enables GeoIP (by MaxMind Inc.) geolocation services.
353If native \fIGeoDB\fP services are also enabled, then this option
354will have no effect.
355.TP 8
356.B \-W \fIname\fP
357\fBGeoIPDatabase\fP. Use the alternate GeoIP database \fIname\fP.
358.TP 8
359.B \-z \fIname\fP
360\fBFlagDir\fP. Specify location of the country flag graphics and
361enable their display in the top country table. The directory \fIname\fP
362is relative to the output directory being used unless an absolute path
363is given (ie: starts with a leading '/').
365.I Hide Options
366.TP 8
367.B \-a \fIname\fP
368\fBHideAgent\fP. Hide user agents matching \fIname\fP.
369.TP 8
370.B \-r \fIname\fP
371\fBHideReferrer\fP. Hide referrer matching \fIname\fP.
372.TP 8
373.B \-s \fIname\fP
374\fBHideSite\fP. Hide site matching \fIname\fP.
375.TP 8
376.B \-X
377\fBHideAllSites\fP. Hide all individual sites (only display groups).
378.TP 8
379.B \-u \fIname\fP
380\fBHideURL\fP. Hide URL matching \fIname\fP.
382.I Table size options
383.TP 8
384.B \-A \fInum\fP
385\fBTopAgents\fP. Display the top \fInum\fP user agents table.
386.TP 8
387.B \-R \fInum\fP
388\fBTopReferrers\fP. Display the top \fInum\fP referrers table.
389.TP 8
390.B \-S \fInum\fP
391\fBTopSites\fP. Display the top \fInum\fP sites table.
392.TP 8
393.B \-U \fInum\fP
394\fBTopURLs\fP. Display the top \fInum\fP URLs table.
395.TP 8
396.B \-C \fInum\fP
397\fBTopCountries\fP. Display the top \fInum\fP countries table.
398.TP 8
399.B \-e \fInum\fP
400\fBTopEntry\fP. Display the top \fInum\fP entry pages table.
401.TP 8
402.B \-E \fInum\fP
403\fBTopExit\fP. Display the top \fInum\fP exit pages table.
405Configuration files are standard \fBASCII(7)\fP text files that may be created
406or edited using any standard editor. Blank lines and lines that begin
407with a pound sign ('#') are ignored. Any other lines are considered to
408be configuration lines, and have the form "Keyword Value", where the
409\'Keyword\' is one of the currently available configuration keywords defined
410below, and 'Value' is the value to assign to that particular option. Any
411text found after the keyword up to the end of the line is considered the
412keyword's value, so you should not include anything after the actual value
413on the line that is not actually part of the value being assigned. The
414file \fIsample.conf\fP provided with the distribution contains lots of useful
415documentation and examples as well.
417.I General Configuration Keywords
418.TP 8
419.B LogFile \fIname\fP
420Use log file named \fIname\fP. If none specified, \fISTDIN\fP will be used.
421.TP 8
422.B LogType \fIname\fP
423Specify log file type as \fIname\fP. Values can be either \fIclf\fP,
424\fIsquid\fP, \fIftp\fP or \fIw3c\fP, with the default being \fBclf\fP.
425.TP 8
426.B OutputDir \fIdir\fP
427Create output in the directory \fIdir\fP. If none specified, the current
428directory will be used.
429.TP 8
430.B HistoryName \fIname\fP
431Filename to use for history file. Relative to output directory unless
432absolute name is given (ie: starts with '/'). Defaults to
433\'\fBwebalizer.hist\fP' in the standard output directory.
434.TP 8
435.B ReportTitle \fIname\fP
436Use the title string \fIname\fP for the report title. If none
437specified, use the default of (in english) "\fIUsage Statistics for \fP".
438.TP 8
439.B HostName \fIname\fP
440Set the hostname for the report as \fIname\fP. If none specified, an
441attempt will be made to gather the hostname via a \fBuname(2)\fP system
442call. If that fails, \fIlocalhost\fP will be used.
443.TP 8
444.B UseHTTPS \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
445Use \fIhttps://\fP on links to URLS, instead of the default \fIhttp://\fP,
446in the '\fBTop URLs\fP' table.
447.TP 8
448.B HTAccess \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
449Enables the creation of a default .htaccess file in the output directory.
450.TP 8
451.B Quiet \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
452Suppress informational messages. Warning and Error messages will not be
454.TP 8
455.B ReallyQuiet \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
456Suppress all messages, including Warning and Error messages.
457.TP 8
458.B Debug \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
459Print extra debugging information on Warnings and Errors.
460.TP 8
461.B TimeMe \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
462Force timing information at end of processing.
463.TP 8
464.B GMTTime \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
465Use \fIGMT \fP(\fIUTC\fP) time instead of local timezone for reports.
466.TP 8
467.B IgnoreHist \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
468Ignore previous monthly history file. \fBUSE WITH CAUTION\fP. Does
469not prevent \fIIncremental\fP file processing.
470.TP 8
471.B IgnoreState \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
472Ignore incremental data file. \fBUSE WITH CAUTION\fP. By ignoring
473the incremental data file, all previous processing for the current
474month will be lost and those logs must be re-processed.
475.TP 8
476.B FoldSeqErr \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
477Fold out of sequence log records back into analysis by treating them
478as if they had the same date/time as the last good record. Normally,
479out of sequence log records are ignored.
480.TP 8
481.B CountryGraph \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
482Display Country Usage Graph in output report.
483.TP 8
484.B CountryFlags \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
485Enable or disable the display of flags in the top country table.
486.TP 8
487.B FlagDir \fIname\fP
488Specifies the directory \fIname\fP where the flag graphics are located.
489If not specified, the default is in the \fIflags\fP directory directly
490under the output directory being used. If specified, the display of
491country flags will be enabled by default. Using '\fIFlagDir flags\fP'
492is identical to using '\fICountryFlags yes\fP'.
493.TP 8
494.B DailyGraph \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
495Display Daily Graph in output report.
496.TP 8
497.B DailyStats \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
498Display Daily Statistics in output report.
499.TP 8
500.B HourlyGraph \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
501Display Hourly Graph in output report.
502.TP 8
503.B HourlyStats \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
504Display Hourly Statistics in output report.
505.TP 8
506.B PageType \fIname\fP
507Define the file extensions to consider as a \fIpage\fP. If a file
508is found to have the same extension as \fIname\fP, it will be counted
509as a \fIpage\fP (sometimes called a \fIpageview\fP).
510.TP 8
511.B PagePrefix \fIname\fP
512Allows URLs with the prefix \fIname\fP to be counted as a \fIpage\fP
513type regardless of actual file type. This allows you to treat contents
514under specified directories as pages no matter what their extension is.
515.TP 8
516.B OmitPage \fIname\fP
517Specifies URLs which should not be counted as pages, regardless of their
518extension (or lack thereof).
519.TP 8
520.B GraphLegend \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
521Allows the color coded graph legends to be enabled/disabled.
522.TP 8
523.B GraphLines \fInum\fP
524Specify the number of background reference lines displayed on the
525graphs produced. Disable by using zero ('\fB0\fP'), default is \fB2\fP.
526.TP 8
527.B IndexMonths \fInum\fP
528Specify the number of months to display in the main index (yearly summary)
529table. Default is 12 months. Can be set to anything between 12 and 120
530months (1 to 10 years).
531.TP 8
532.B YearHeaders \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
533Enable/disable the display of year headers in the main index (yearly
534summary) table. If enabled, year headers will be shown when the table
535is displaying more than 16 months worth of data. Values can be 'yes'
536or 'no'. Default is 'yes'.
537.TP 8
538.B YearTotals \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
539Enable/disable the display of year totals in the main index (yearly
540summary) table. If enabled, year totals will be shown when the table
541is displaying more than 16 months worth of data. Values can be 'yes'
542or 'no'. Default is 'yes'.
543.TP 8
544.B GraphMonths \fInum\fP
545Specify the number of months to display in the main index (yearly
546summary) graph. Default is 12 months. Can be set to anything between
54712 and 72 months (1 to 6 years).
548.TP 8
549.B VisitTimeout \fInum\fP
550Specifies the visit timeout value. Default is \fI1800 seconds\fP (30
551minutes). A visit is determined by looking at the difference in time
552between the current and last request from a specific site. If the
553difference is greater or equal to the timeout value, the request is
554counted as a new visit. Specified in seconds.
555.TP 8
556.B IndexAlias \fIname\fP
557Use \fIname\fP as an additional alias for \fIindex.*\fP.
558.TP 8
559.B DefaultIndex \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
560Enables or disables the use of '\fBindex.\fP' as a default index name
561to be stripped from the end of URLs. This does not effect any index
562names that may be defined with the \fIIndexAlias\fP option.
563.TP 8
564.B MangleAgents \fInum\fP
565Mangle user agent names based on mangle level \fInum\fP. See the
566\fI-M\fP command line switch for mangle levels and their meaning.
567The default is \fB0\fP, which doesn't mangle user agents at all.
568.TP 8
569.B StripCGI \fP( \fByes\fP | no )
570Determines if URL CGI variables should be stripped from the end of
571URLs. Values may be 'yes' or 'no', with the default being 'yes'.
572.TP 8
573.B TrimSquidURL \fInum\fP
574Allows squid log URLs to be reduced in granularity by truncating
575them after \fInum\fP slashes ('/') after the http:// prefix. A
576setting of one (1) will cause all URLs to be summarized by domain
577only. The default value is zero (0), which will disable any URL
578modifications and leave them exactly as found in the log file.
579.TP 8
580.B SearchEngine\fP \fIname\fP \fIvariable\fP
581Allows the specification of search engines and their query strings.
582The \fIname\fP is the name to match against the referrer string for
583a given search engine. The \fIvariable\fP is the cgi variable that
584the search engine uses for queries. See the \fBsample.conf\fP file
585for example usage with common search engines.
586.TP 8
587.B SearchCaseI\fP ( \fByes\fP | no )
588Determines if search strings should be treated case insensitive or
589not. The default is 'yes', which lowercases all search strings
590(treat as case insensitive).
591.TP 8
592.B Incremental \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
593Enable Incremental mode processing.
594.TP 8
595.B IncrementalName \fIname\fP
596Filename to use for incremental data. Relative to output directory unless
597an absolute name is given (ie: starts with '/'). Defaults to
598\'\fBwebalizer.current\fP' in the standard output directory.
599.TP 8
600.B DNSCache \fIname\fP
601Filename to use for the DNS cache. Relative to output directory unless
602an absolute name is given (ie: starts with '/').
603.TP 8
604.B DNSChildren \fInum\fP
605Number of children DNS processes to run in order to create/update the
606DNS cache file. Specify zero (\fB0\fP) to disable.
607.TP 8
608.B CacheIPs \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
609Cache unresolved IP addresses in the DNS database. Default is '\fBno\fP'.
610.TP 8
611.B CacheTTL \fInum\fP
612DNS cache entry time to live (TTL) in days. Default is 7 days. May
613be any value between 1 and 100.
614.TP 8
615.B GeoDB \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
616Allows native GeoDB geolocation services to be enabled or disabled.
617Default value is '\fBno\fP'.
618.TP 8
619.B GeoDBDatabase \fIname\fP
620Allows the use of an alternate GeoDB database \fIname\fP. If not
621specified, the default database will be used.
622.TP 8
623.B GeoIP \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
624Allows GeoIP (by MaxMind Inc.) geolocation services to be enabled or
625disabled. Default is '\fBno\fP'. If native \fIGeoDB\fP geolocation
626services are also enabled, then this option will have no effect (and
627the native \fIGeoDB\fP services will be used).
628.TP 8
629.B GeoIPDatabase \fIname\fP
630Allows the use of an alternate GeoIP database \fIname\fP. If not
631specified, the default database will be used.
633.I Top Table Keywords
634.TP 8
635.B TopAgents \fInum\fP
636Display the top \fInum\fP User Agents table. Use zero to disable.
637.TP 8
638.B AllAgents \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
639Create separate HTML page with \fBAll\fP User Agents.
640.TP 8
641.B TopReferrers \fInum\fP
642Display the top \fInum\fP Referrers table. Use zero to disable.
643.TP 8
644.B AllReferrers \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
645Create separate HTML page with \fBAll\fP Referrers.
646.TP 8
647.B TopSites \fInum\fP
648Display the top \fInum\fP Sites table. Use zero to disable.
649.TP 8
650.B TopKSites \fInum\fP
651Display the top \fInum\fP Sites (by KByte) table. Use zero to disable.
652.TP 8
653.B AllSites \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
654Create separate HTML page with \fBAll\fP Sites.
655.TP 8
656.B TopURLs \fInum\fP
657Display the top \fInum\fP URLs table. Use zero to disable.
658.TP 8
659.B TopKURLs \fInum\fP
660Display the top \fInum\fP URLs (by KByte) table. Use zero to disable.
661.TP 8
662.B AllURLs \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
663Create separate HTML page with \fBAll\fP URLs.
664.TP 8
665.B TopCountries \fInum\fP
666Display the top \fInum\fP Countries in the table. Use zero to disable.
667.TP 8
668.B TopEntry \fInum\fP
669Display the top \fInum\fP Entry Pages in the table. Use zero to disable.
670.TP 8
671.B TopExit \fInum\fP
672Display the top \fInum\fP Exit Pages in the table. Use zero to disable.
673.TP 8
674.B TopSearch \fInum\fP
675Display the top \fInum\fP Search Strings in the table. Use zero to disable.
676.TP 8
677.B AllSearchStr \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
678Create separate HTML page with \fBAll\fP Search Strings.
679.TP 8
680.B TopUsers \fInum\fP
681Display the top \fInum\fP Usernames in the table. Use zero to disable.
682Usernames are only available if using http based authentication.
683.TP 8
684.B AllUsers \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
685Create separate HTML page with \fBAll\fP Usernames.
687.I Hide/Ignore/Group/Include Keywords
688.TP 8
689.B HideAgent \fIname\fP
690Hide User Agents that match \fIname\fP.
691.TP 8
692.B HideReferrer \fIname\fP
693Hide Referrers that match \fIname\fP.
694.TP 8
695.B HideSite \fIname\fP
696Hide Sites that match \fIname\fP.
697.TP 8
698.B HideAllSites \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
699Hide all individual sites. This causes only grouped sites to be displayed.
700.TP 8
701.B HideURL \fIname\fP
702Hide URLs that match \fIname\fP.
703.TP 8
704.B HideUser \fIname\fP
705Hide Usernames that match \fIname\fP.
706.TP 8
707.B IgnoreAgent \fIname\fP
708Ignore User Agents that match \fIname\fP.
709.TP 8
710.B IgnoreReferrer \fIname\fP
711Ignore Referrers that match \fIname\fP.
712.TP 8
713.B IgnoreSite \fIname\fP
714Ignore Sites that match \fIname\fP.
715.TP 8
716.B IgnoreURL \fIname\fP
717Ignore URLs that match \fIname\fP.
718.TP 8
719.B IgnoreUser \fIname\fP
720Ignore Usernames that match \fIname\fP.
721.TP 8
722.B GroupAgent \fIname\fP [\fILabel\fP]
723Group User Agents that match \fIname\fP. Display \fILabel\fP in 'Top Agent'
724table if given (instead of \fIname\fP). \fIname\fP may be enclosed in quotes.
725.TP 8
726.B GroupReferrer \fIname\fP [\fILabel\fP]
727Group Referrers that match \fIname\fP. Display \fILabel\fP in 'Top Referrer'
728table if given (instead of \fIname\fP). \fIname\fP may be enclosed in quotes.
729.TP 8
730.B GroupSite \fIname\fP [\fILabel\fP]
731Group Sites that match \fIname\fP. Display \fILabel\fP in 'Top Site'
732table if given (instead of \fIname\fP). \fIname\fP may be enclosed in quotes.
733.TP 8
734.B GroupDomains \fInum\fP
735Automatically group sites by domain. The value \fInum\fP specifies the
736level of grouping, and can be thought of as the 'number of dots' to
737be displayed. The default value of \fB0\fP disables domain grouping.
738.TP 8
739.B GroupURL \fIname\fP [\fILabel\fP]
740Group URLs that match \fIname\fP. Display \fILabel\fP in 'Top URL'
741table if given (instead of \fIname\fP). \fIname\fP may be enclosed in quotes.
742.TP 8
743.B GroupUser \fIname\fP [\fILabel\fP]
744Group Usernames that match \fIname\fP. Display \fILabel\fP in 'Top
745Usernames' table if given (instead of \fIname\fP). \fIname\fP may be
746enclosed in quotes.
747.TP 8
748.B IncludeSite \fIname\fP
749Force inclusion of sites that match \fIname\fP. Takes precedence
750over \fBIgnore*\fP keywords.
751.TP 8
752.B IncludeURL \fIname\fP
753Force inclusion of URLs that match \fIname\fP. Takes precedence
754over \fBIgnore*\fP keywords.
755.TP 8
756.B IncludeReferrer \fIname\fP
757Force inclusion of Referrers that match \fIname\fP. Takes precedence
758over \fBIgnore*\fP keywords.
759.TP 8
760.B IncludeAgent \fIname\fP
761Force inclusion of User Agents that match \fIname\fP. Takes precedence
762over \fBIgnore*\fP keywords.
763.TP 8
764.B IncludeUser \fIname\fP
765Force inclusion of Usernames that match \fIname\fP. Takes precedence
766over \fBIgnore*\fP keywords.
768.I HTML Generation Keywords
769.TP 8
770.B HTMLExtension \fItext\fP
771Defines the HTML file extension to use. Default is \fIhtml\fP. Do not
772include the leading period!
773.TP 8
774.B HTMLPre \fItext\fP
775Insert \fItext\fP at the very beginning of the generated HTML file.
776Defaults to a standard html 3.2 \fIDOCTYPE\fP record.
777.TP 8
778.B HTMLHead \fItext\fP
779Insert \fItext\fP within the <HEAD></HEAD> block of the HTML file.
780.TP 8
781.B HTMLBody \fItext\fP
782Insert \fItext\fP in HTML page, starting with the <BODY> tag. If used, the
783first line must be a \fI<BODY ...>\fP tag. Multiple lines may be specified.
784.TP 8
785.B HTMLPost \fItext\fP
786Insert \fItext\fP at top (before horiz. rule) of HTML pages. Multiple lines
787may be specified.
788.TP 8
789.B HTMLTail \fItext\fP
790Insert \fItext\fP at bottom of the HTML page. The \fItext\fP is top and
791right aligned within a table column at the end of the report.
792.TP 8
793.B HTMLEnd \fItext\fP
794Insert \fItext\fP at the very end of the HTML page. If not specified,
795the default is to insert the ending </BODY> and </HTML> tags. If used,
796you \fImust\fP supply these tags yourself.
797.TP 8
798.B LinkReferrer \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
799Determines if the referrers listed in the top referrers table should be
800displayed as plain text, or as a link to the referrer URL.
801.TP 8
802.B ColorHit \fP( rrggbb | \fB00805c\fP )
803Sets the graph's hit-color to the specified html color (no '#').
804.TP 8
805.B ColorFile \fP( rrggbb | \fB0040ff\fP )
806Sets the graph's file-color to the specified html color (no '#').
807.TP 8
808.B ColorSite \fP( rrggbb | \fBff8000\fP )
809Sets the graph's site-color to the specified html color (no '#').
810.TP 8
811.B ColorKbyte \fP( rrggbb | \fBff0000\fP )
812Sets the graph's kilobyte-color to the specified html color (no '#').
813.TP 8
814.B ColorPage \fP( rrggbb | \fB00e0ff\fP )
815Sets the graph's page-color to the specified html color (no '#').
816.TP 8
817.B ColorVisit \fP( rrggbb | \fBffff00\fP )
818Sets the graph's visit-color to the specified html color (no '#').
819.TP 8
820.B ColorMisc \fP( rrggbb | \fB00e0ff\fP )
821Sets the 'miscellaneous' color for table headers (not graphs) to
822the specified html color (no '#').
823.TP 8
824.B PieColor1 \fP( rrggbb | \fB800080\fP )
825Sets the pie's first optional color to the specified html color (no '#').
826.TP 8
827.B PieColor2 \fP( rrggbb | \fB80ffc0\fP )
828Sets the pie's second optional color to the specified html color (no '#').
829.TP 8
830.B PieColor3 \fP( rrggbb | \fBff00ff\fP )
831Sets the pie's third optional color to the specified html color (no '#').
832.TP 8
833.B PieColor4 \fP( rrggbb | \fBffc480\fP )
834Sets the pie's fourth optional color to the specified html color (no '#').
836.I Dump Object Keywords
838The \fIWebalizer\fP allows you to export processed data to other programs by
839using \fItab delimited\fP text files. The \fIDump*\fP commands specify
840which files are to be written, and where.
841.TP 8
842.B DumpPath \fIname\fP
843Save dump files in directory \fIname\fP. If not specified, the default
844output directory will be used. Do not specify a trailing slash ('/').
845.TP 8
846.B DumpExtension \fIname\fP
847Use \fIname\fP as the filename extension for dump files. If not given,
848the default of \fBtab\fP will be used.
849.TP 8
850.B DumpHeader \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
851Print a column header as the first record of the file.
852.TP 8
853.B DumpSites \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
854Dump the sites data to a tab delimited file.
855.TP 8
856.B DumpURLs \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
857Dump the url data to a tab delimited file.
858.TP 8
859.B DumpReferrers \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
860Dump the referrer data to a tab delimited file. This data is only
861available if using a log that contains referrer information
862(ie: a combined format web log).
863.TP 8
864.B DumpAgents \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
865Dump the user agent data to a tab delimited file. This data is only
866available if using a log that contains user agent information
867(ie: a combined format web log).
868.TP 8
869.B DumpUsers \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
870Dump the username data to a tab delimited file. This data is only available
871if processing a wu-ftpd xferlog or a web log that contains http authentication
873.TP 8
874.B DumpSearchStr \fP( yes | \fBno\fP )
875Dump the search string data to a tab delimited file. This data is only
876available if processing a web log that contains referrer information and
877had search string information present.
879.TP 20
880.I webalizer.conf
881Default configuration file. Is searched for in the current directory
882and if not found, in the \fI/etc/\fP directory.
883.TP 20
884.I webalizer.hist
885Monthly history file for previous months. (can be changed)
886.TP 20
887.I webalizer.current
888Current state data file (Incremental processing). (can be changed)
889.TP 20
890.I xxxxx_YYYYMM.html
891Various monthly \fIHTML\fP output files produced. (extension can be changed)
892.TP 20
893.I xxxxx_YYYYMM.png
894Various monthly image files used in the reports.
895.TP 20
897Monthly tab delimited text files. (extension can be changed)
899Please report bugs to the author.
901Copyright (C) 1997-2011 by Bradford L. Barrett. Distributed under
902the GNU GPL. See the files "\fICOPYING\fP" and "\fICopyright\fP",
903supplied with all distributions for additional information.
905Bradford L. Barrett <\fIbrad at mrunix dot net\fP>