Imported Debian patch 2.23.05-1
[hcoop/zz_old/debian/webalizer.git] / README.FIRST
1Upgrade information for the Webalizer Version 2.2x
3This release is, for the most part, a drop-in replacement for all
4installations currently running 2.01, and all users are encouraged
5to upgrade. See the 'CHANGES' file for a full list of changes
6since version 2.01-10.
8Note: The history file format has changed in v2.20 in order to keep
9more than 12 months. Existing history files will be automatically
10converted to the new format the first time they are read.
12Note: This version redefines the '-v' command line switch to mean
13'verbose', which will cause the program to display additional
14informational and debugging messages at run-time. This should not
15cause any major problems, as previously it would simply cause the
16program to display its version information and then exit.
18Report bugs to 'brad at mrunix dot net' with "Webalizer" somewhere
19in the subject. Please do not send HTML formatted e-mails or e-mail
20containing HTML tags as my mail server will reject them. Thanks!