2013-02-08 Clinton EbadiBuild in setid mode FORCE as on mire
2012-09-07 clinton_adminFix permissions to make git-buildpackage shut up debian/0.7.1-1.hcoop1
2012-09-07 Clinton EbadiActually release
2012-09-07 Clinton EbadiRelease
2012-09-07 Clinton EbadiBuild with setid-mode=paranoid
2012-09-07 Clinton EbadiDon't nuke git/svn information during build.
2012-09-07 Emmanuel LacourImported Debian patch 0.7.1-1 debian/0.7.1-1
2012-09-07 clinton_adminImported Upstream version 0.7.1 upstream upstream/0.7.1