2014-05-01 Clinton EbadiUpgrade to config-package-dev 5.x, fix build-depends master debian/5
2012-12-23 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/4
2012-12-23 Clinton EbadiDisable root login
2012-12-06 Clinton EbadiUpload to stable, durr debian/3
2012-06-07 Clinton EbadiRelease 2 debian/2
2012-06-07 Clinton EbadiPut into correct section
2012-06-07 Clinton EbadiInstall correctly named sshd_config diversion (keep...
2012-06-07 Clinton EbadiCommit changelog, skip release 0 debian/1
2012-06-07 Clinton EbadiHCoop changes to sshd_config for Kerberos support
2012-06-07 Clinton EbadiStart with Squeeze base sshd_config
2012-06-07 Clinton EbadiBasic package to customize sshd config