2014-05-01 Clinton Ebadirebuild with pbuilder master debian/3.1
2014-04-08 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/3
2014-04-08 Clinton EbadiFix zshenv transformation (awk is field based, duh)
2014-04-08 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/2
2014-04-08 Clinton EbadiAdd common.bin to zsh path. May be a bad idea, since...
2014-04-08 Clinton EbadiUpgrade to config-package-dev 5.x
2014-03-12 Clinton EbadiInstall /afs/hcoop.net/common/bin to bash $PATH
2014-03-12 Clinton EbadiAdd aizak and sastry to sudoers
2012-12-24 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/1
2012-12-23 Clinton EbadiDepend on core packages, declare break against old...
2012-12-23 Clinton EbadiInclude common sudoers config for admins and domtool
2012-12-16 Clinton EbadiRelease to stable debian/0
2012-12-16 Clinton EbadiFirst stab at common config package