Set dh_installcron arguments to actually install log sync cron job
[hcoop/zz_old/debian/hcoop-apache2-config.git] / debian / changelog
2014-05-07 Clinton EbadiSet dh_installcron arguments to actually install log... debian/11+1
2014-05-07 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/11
2014-05-02 Clinton EbadiRelease debian/10
2014-05-01 Clinton EbadiUpgrade to config-package-dev 5.x and fix build-depends debian/9
2013-06-23 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/8
2013-02-16 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/7
2013-02-16 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/6
2013-01-24 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/5
2012-12-16 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/4
2012-12-09 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/3
2012-09-08 Clinton Ebadireally release...
2012-09-08 Clinton EbadiRelease debian/2
2012-09-07 Clinton EbadiRelease debian/1
2012-09-02 Clinton EbadiRelease 0 debian/0
2012-09-02 Clinton EbadiInitial packaging of Debian/Domtool Apache Config