Upgrade to config-package-dev 5.x and fix build-depends
[hcoop/zz_old/debian/hcoop-admin-common-config.git] / debian /
2014-05-01 Clinton EbadiUpgrade to config-package-dev 5.x and fix build-depends master
2014-05-01 Clinton Ebadirelease
2012-12-24 Clinton Ebadirelease debian/3
2012-12-23 Clinton EbadiDepend on version of hcoop-common-config with moved...
2012-12-23 Clinton EbadiMove sudoers config into hcoop-common-config
2012-12-16 Clinton EbadiRelease debian/2
2012-12-16 Clinton EbadiDepend on new hcoop common node config package
2012-06-05 Clinton EbadiCommit changelog debian/1
2012-06-05 Clinton Ebadipam.d/sshd, not pam.d/ssh
2012-06-05 Clinton EbadiAdd pam_listfile checking to login and ssh pam configs
2012-03-26 Clinton EbadiInitial Release debian/0