delete useless files
[hcoop/zz_old/config/exim4-hopper.git] / update-exim4.conf.conf
2009-10-04 Clinton Ebadiproper update-exim4.conf.conf values
2009-10-04 Clinton EbadiBase Debian config for exim 4.69-9 exim_4.69-9
2009-09-30 clinton_adminAdd hopper to the appropriate config lines
2008-08-13 mwolson_adminAdd to relay_nets so that roundcube...
2008-06-17 rootSend changetrack mail to special box. Use non-domtool...
2007-04-23 root@deleuze.hcoop.netmwolson: Relay email from mire
2007-02-13 root@deleuze.hcoop.netmwolson: First attempt at delivering to AFS
2007-01-27 root@deleuze.hcoop.netmwolson: Initial migration of exim4 settings to deleuze
2007-01-19 root@deleuze.hcoop.netmwolson: Upgrade exim4 packages to equivalent of versio...
2007-01-08 root@deleuze.hcoop.netInitial import