2007-09-10 bigmike160Update apache-sync-logs script
2007-08-29 bigmike160Check in new re-create-all-users script
2007-08-29 bigmike160scripts/make-account-for-fyodor-user: Update to latest...
2007-08-29 bigmike160scripts/hcoop-backup: Update to latest version
2007-08-29 bigmike160Check in new hcoop-all-db-backup script
2007-08-29 bigmike160Update change-user-password script to what we have now
2007-06-24 megaczadded backup script
2007-05-20 megaczno longer need system:anyuser=l on Maildirs
2007-05-15 megaczfix make-account-for-fyodor-user so we dont get spammed...
2007-05-15 megaczcope with users who dont have \\n at the end of their...
2007-05-14 megaczslightly non-idempotent: chown -R $USER:nogroup in...
2007-05-14 megaczmove user password change to separate file, email hcoop...
2007-05-08 megaczfix DBPATH to use rw vol, set system:anyuser=l on Maild...
2007-05-07 megaczadd +requires_preauth to "kadmin -q ank"
2007-05-07 bigmike160create-user: Remove uidNumber and homeDirectory fields
2007-05-07 bigmike160Add uidNumber to LDAP entries
2007-05-04 megaczadd additional precondition for running create-user
2007-05-04 megaczdo a fs checkvol on mire too
2007-05-04 megaczcreate ~/.procmail.d/ with system:anyuser=rl
2007-05-04 megaczcreate-user: rsync cgi-keytabs to mire, create ~/public...
2007-05-01 megaczadd nice email message to make-account-for-fyodor-user
2007-05-01 megaczuse "fs ls" as test in create-user, improve kadmin...
2007-05-01 megaczlet make-account-for-fyodor-user work for non-megacz...
2007-05-01 megaczadd make-account-for-fyodor-user
2007-05-01 megaczadd error detection to cpw in create-user
2007-05-01 megaczmake create-user idempotent
2007-04-29 megaczupdate READEM
2007-04-29 megaczremove k5start-suexec
2007-04-29 megaczcvs sucks even more
2007-04-29 megacz*** empty log message ***
2007-04-29 megaczcvs sucks