Contact HCoop

HCoop is run exclusively by members who serve as volunteers. We do not have set hours but do our best to respond to all inquiries within a reasonable amount of time (usually a day or two). If you would like to contact us, please use one of the methods listed here.

Chat #hcoop on Freenode   (This is an Internet Relay Chat channel where you can ask our admins questions.)
Membership   (For new and prospective members with questions about memership not covered in our FAQs.)
Abuse   (To report inappropriate or illegal use of our servers, such as a DMCA violation.)
Mailing Lists Existing members needing help are encouraged to post their questions to the hcoop-help or hcoop-misc mailing lists prior to contacting our admins. Prior to posting questions to the mailing lists, however, please verify that the answer to your question does not already exist in the HCoop Wiki.
Support Requests Service requests which can only be completed by admins may be submitted on our support page.
Bugs and Fixes Bugs and things requiring fixes can be reported in our Bugzilla database.