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3 <h3>What We Offer</h3>
5 <p>Our service is built upon Debian GNU/Linux, Kerberos,
6 OpenAFS, and our custom services manager <a
7 href="https://wiki.hcoop.net/DomTool">Domtool</a>. Using
8 Domtool, you can configure the behavior of your domains
9 and sites in shared daemons without needing to request
10 anything from a superuser. Since we provide a generic
11 Debian GNU/Linux shell, you can write and run your own
12 daemons in whatever programming language you fancy.</p>
14 <p>We support Free Software, releasing all of our custom software <a
15 href="https://wiki.hcoop.net/Code">under Free licenses</a>, and using
16 only Free Software for our infrastructure.</p>
18 <p>Our <a href="https://wiki.hcoop.net/Hardware">servers</a> are
19 hosted as virtual infrastructure at <a
20 href="https://www.digitalocean.com">DigitalOcean</a> in New York
21 City.</p>
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29 <tr><td><strong>Storage</strong></td><td>Ten gigabytes of <a
30 href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive">SSD
31 based</a> storage to start. You can request more disk space as
32 needed; we have quotas in place to prevent over-subscription of
33 storage and will grant any reasonable request. We can accomodate
34 around 60G per member currently.</td></tr>
36 <tr><td><strong>Bandwidth</strong></td><td>We currently have around
37 20TB per month outbound transfer quota shared between all
38 servers. If your sites see less than fifty or a hundred gigabytes of
39 traffic per month, we can feasibly host you.</td></tr>
41 <tr><td><strong>OpenAFS</strong></td><td>A
42 publicly accessible <a
43 href="https://openafs.org">OpenAFS</a> cell
44 (<tt>/afs/hcoop.net/</tt> the whole world
45 round). This lets you access your HCoop storage as
46 if it were local disk on every major operating
47 system.</td></tr>
49 <tr><td><strong>Web Hosting</strong></td><td>General web hosting
50 with Apache, featuring the usual languages (Perl, PHP, Python)
51 and databases (PostgreSQL and MySQL). Unlike many providers,
52 we'll install most anything available in Debian so you can run
53 that Haskell web application with ease.</td></tr>
55 <tr><td><strong>Email</strong></td><td>Mail hosting for unlimited
56 domains (including <a
57 href="https://webmail.hcoop.net">webmail</a> through Roundcube,
58 IMAP, and POP3 access), with the ability to create virtual
59 mailboxes for friends and family.</td></tr>
61 <tr><td><strong>Mailing Lists</strong></td><td>Mailing lists through
62 GNU Mailman. Members <a
63 href="https://lists.hcoop.net/listinfo/">host lists</a> for pretty
64 much anything: volunteer organizations, Linux User Groups,
65 programming language development, even coordinating homebrewing
66 sessions.</td></tr>
68 <tr><td><strong>Shell</strong></td><td>A shell account on a machine running Debian's
69 latest stable release. We don't mind folks idling
70 on Freenode, and you're free to do things like
71 building software.</td></tr>
73 <tr><td><strong>Etc.</strong></td><td>Volunteers host shared
74 services for the benefit of all members. These currently include
75 a <a href="https://git.hcoop.net">git server</a>, managed <a
76 href="https://moinmo.in/">MoinMoin</a> install, and Jabber
77 (<tt>YOU@hcoop.net</tt>). We hope to offer GNU Mediagoblin,
78 Diaspora*, Gitorious, darcsweb, and other services in the future
79 (or: insert your idea here).</td></tr>
80 </table>
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