2018-12-26 Clinton Ebadieasy_domain: fix argument feature-apache-ipv6 release_20181215
2018-12-26 Clinton Ebadieasy_domain: enable ipv6
2018-12-26 Clinton Ebadiapache: add ipv6 support
2018-12-26 Clinton Ebadidomain: ipv6 support for nodes, new your_ipv6 type
2018-12-26 Clinton Ebadidomain: add node ipv6 address to nodeMap
2018-12-26 Clinton Ebadibasic internal ipv6 support
2018-12-13 Clinton Ebadivmail: show documentation on hcoop wiki
2018-12-13 Clinton Ebadihcoop: remove fritz and bog from domtool control release_20181212
2018-12-13 Clinton Ebadidbms: use nodeIp instead of raw hostname
2018-12-13 Clinton Ebadihcoop: remove fritz as dns secondary
2018-12-10 Clinton Ebadihcoop: change dbmsNode to gibran release_20181209-1
2018-12-09 Clinton Ebadihcoop: remove mccarthy and navajos from domtool control release_20181209
2018-12-09 Clinton Ebadihcoop: remove mccarthy from default MailNodes
2018-12-09 Clinton Ebadihcoop: move dns master to gibran.hcoop.net
2018-12-06 Clinton Ebadihcoop: set default web node to shelob
2018-12-05 Clinton Ebadibuild: fix install_systemd_dispatcher rule release_20181204-1
2018-12-05 Clinton Ebadihcoop: move dispatcher to gibran release_20181204
2018-12-02 Clinton Ebadihcoop: move mailman from mccarthy to minsky release_20181202
2018-12-02 Clinton Ebadimailman: open /usr/share/images/mailman, revert to...
2018-11-17 Clinton Ebadihcoop: move gibran and marsh to new ips release_20181117
2018-11-17 Clinton Ebadihcoop: move shelob to new ip release_20181116
2018-11-14 Clinton Ebadihcoop: add new server `lovelace' release_20181114
2018-11-14 Clinton Ebadihcoop: update minsky ip again release_20181113-1
2018-11-12 Clinton Ebadihcoop: update minsky.hcoop.net IP address release_20181111 release_20181113
2018-11-12 Clinton Ebadiapache: use HTTP for mod_auth_kerb service principal
2018-10-21 Clinton Ebadimain: filter _darcs when assembling set of files in... release_20181021-1
2018-10-21 Clinton Ebadihcoop: enable gibran as a dns server release_20181021
2018-10-21 Clinton Ebadilib: add outpost ipv6 address
2018-10-14 Clinton Ebadidomtool-public: workaround mailman plugin deficiencies release_20181014
2018-10-14 Clinton Ebadipostgres: rename dbms postgres-9.1 to postgres-9
2018-10-14 Clinton Ebadiapache: remove php5-cgi support, always generate php...
2018-10-14 Clinton Ebadilib: switch from php5 to fast_php by default
2018-10-12 Clinton Ebadidomtool-publish: try to grab tokens if aklog is available release_20181012
2018-09-06 Clinton Ebadilib: add webSsl directive
2018-08-11 Clinton Ebadibootstrap: install default domtool library when bootstr...
2018-08-11 Clinton Ebadibootstrap: fix a few more bootstrap bugs
2018-08-11 Clinton Ebadibootstrap: use locally built domtool-config when creati...
2018-08-11 Clinton Ebadibootstrap: include sudoers file for non-hcoop setups
2018-07-08 Clinton Ebadiapache: only generate suphp directives when it will... release_20180707-1
2018-07-07 Clinton Ebadihcoop: allow proxying to marsh release_20180707
2018-07-07 Clinton Ebadihcoop: add minsky as admin web node
2018-07-07 Clinton Ebadihcoop: add new server shelob.hcoop.net
2018-07-07 Clinton Ebadilib: typo fix
2018-04-23 Clinton Ebadihcoop: enable `minsky' as a mail node for all members release_20180423
2018-04-23 Clinton Ebadisetsa: enable spam checking on admin mail nodes
2018-04-23 Clinton Ebadicreate files domtool needs to modify as domtool
2018-04-23 Clinton Ebadihcoop: new node `minsky' release_20180422
2018-04-23 Clinton Ebadidomtool-publish: ensure mail files exist before using
2018-04-23 Clinton Ebadidomtool-publish: use `service' instead of `/etc/init.d'
2018-04-20 Clinton Ebadihcoop: rename quag -> marsh release_20180420-1
2018-04-20 Clinton Ebadifwtool: fix dns lookups release_20180420
2018-04-20 Clinton Ebadifirewall: fix generation of outgoing rules on webserver release_20180419-1
2018-04-20 Clinton Ebadifwtool: filterHosts fixes fwtool-ipv6 release_20180419
2018-04-20 Clinton Ebadifwtool: generate rules in primary input/output chain
2018-04-19 Clinton Ebadifwtool: initial ipv6 support and puppet integration
2018-04-19 Clinton Ebadifwtool: allow multiple nodes per rule
2018-04-19 Clinton Ebadiworker: add runOutput function
2018-04-19 Clinton Ebadidomain: export validIpv6 and validIp
2018-04-19 Clinton Ebadihcoop: disable gibran as dns server release_20180418
2018-04-19 Clinton Ebadihcoop: new server quag.hcoop.net
2018-04-17 Clinton Ebadiadd new server `gibran'
2018-04-17 Clinton Ebadilib/moin: update for 1.9.9, fix config order
2018-04-14 Clinton Ebadimail: fix vmailpasswd compilation warnings
2018-04-14 Clinton Ebadiconfig: warn that changing localRoot will not work...
2018-04-14 Clinton Ebadiadd bin/ to repository
2018-04-14 Clinton Ebadicreate /var/domtool on install
2018-04-14 Clinton Ebadiadd rules to install systemd units
2018-04-09 Clinton Ebadiopenssl: fix building with openssl 1.1 and later
2017-02-01 Clinton Ebadiweb_apps: don't instantiate php5 in wordPress release_20170131-1
2017-02-01 Clinton Ebadiapache: improved fastScriptAlias
2017-01-31 Clinton Ebadiapache: pass script to fastcgi wrapper release_20170127-2
2017-01-31 Clinton Ebadiapache: fix missing newline in fastScriptAlias release_20170127-1
2017-01-31 Clinton Ebadiapache: Implement fastcgi alias support release_20170131
2017-01-31 Clinton Ebadiwebapps/moin: inject custom config before moin config
2017-01-31 Clinton Ebadiapache: limit php-fastcgi to php
2017-01-29 Clinton Ebadiapache: fastcgi config core, implement php5-cgi fastcgi release_20170127
2016-12-12 Clinton Ebadiapache: core directive AllowEncodedSlashes release_20161211
2016-09-28 Clinton Ebadihcoop: remove hopper from config release_20160927
2015-10-22 Clinton Ebadilib: add binding for new notfound mod_rewrite flag
2015-10-22 Joseph YaworskiAdd 404 to possible redirect codes in mod_rewrite
2015-10-22 Clinton Ebadihcoop: update library defaults
2015-09-02 Clinton EbadiRemove deleuze from configuration release_20150901
2015-05-24 Clinton Ebadimailman: temporarily disable suexec, allow access to... release_20150524
2015-05-23 Clinton Ebadidoc: correct apache docs link for allow/deny/order release_20150523-1
2015-05-23 Clinton Ebadimod_proxy: add retry=0 to ProxyPass release_20150523
2015-05-23 Clinton Ebadidoc: rename proxy/url to match other modules
2015-05-22 Clinton Ebadiautodoc: fix css and image paths to automatically use ssl
2015-05-15 Clinton EbadiFix typo in config release_20150515-1
2015-05-15 Clinton EbadiMove mailman to mccarthy.hcoop.net release_20150515
2015-05-15 Clinton Ebadidon't complain about $user.daemon missing a domtool dir
2015-05-14 Clinton EbadiEnable mccarthy as mailnode for all users release_20150514
2015-05-12 Clinton EbadiSet fritz as default DNS master, make deleuze a default... release_20150512
2015-05-12 Clinton EbadiAdd mccarthy, enable for mail use by users with priv...
2015-05-03 Clinton Ebadisystemd service files for server/slave
2015-03-04 Clinton EbadiAdd ProxyPreserveHost apache directive release_20150304
2015-01-01 Clinton EbadiAdd fritz as a dns node and enable as a slave release_20141231
2015-01-01 Clinton EbadiUpdate proxy.dtl with new proxy_reverse_target type
2014-11-25 Clinton EbadiRelease release_20141124
2014-11-25 Clinton EbadiSupport ! as a ProxyPass target
2014-10-07 Clinton EbadiRelease release_20141006-1