Specifying encoding on database creation
[hcoop/domtool2.git] / src / plugins / apache.sig
2007-12-09 Adam ChlipalaPorted webbw
2007-11-18 Adam Chlipalavhost IP specification working
2007-11-17 Adam ChlipalaMailman shortcut working
2007-11-17 Adam ChlipalaMore Mailman virtual host stuff
2007-11-17 Adam ChlipalaInitial mailman vhost config
2007-11-11 Adam ChlipalaType annotations on environment variable reads
2007-04-21 Adam ChlipalaFactor out log directory calculation code, in preparati...
2006-12-10 Adam ChlipalaChanging Apache log and Webalizer stuff
2006-08-26 Adam ChlipalaWebalizer
2006-08-06 Adam ChlipalaStart of Apache