More loading of lib.dtl
[hcoop/domtool2.git] / src / main-client.sml
2008-07-10 Adam ChlipalaMore loading of lib.dtl
2008-02-24 Adam ChlipalaSaving environment variables across file executions
2007-11-17 Adam ChlipalaMake 'domtool -tc' (no other arguments) work properly
2007-07-01 Adam ChlipalaChange ~/domtool to ~/.domtool
2007-05-26 Adam ChlipalaFactor error message generation into a separate file...
2007-04-04 Adam ChlipalaSwitch to using system database to find user home direc...
2006-12-21 Adam ChlipalaStart of DBMS support
2006-12-17 Adam ChlipalaFix user domtool directory resolution
2006-12-15 Adam ChlipalaMulti-configuration support
2006-12-09 Adam ChlipalaRan successful client/server interaction on deleuze