apache: improved fastScriptAlias
[hcoop/domtool2.git] / lib / defaults.dtl
2015-10-22 Clinton Ebadihcoop: update library defaults
2015-05-12 Clinton EbadiSet fritz as default DNS master, make deleuze a default... release_20150512
2014-05-09 Clinton EbadiChange DefaultAliasSource to $user@hcoop.net, add defau...
2014-04-28 Clinton EbadiFix typo in defaults
2014-04-27 Clinton EbadiMove more bind config into domtool, remove hardcoded... release_20140428
2014-04-26 Clinton Ebadimerge toplevel-dynamic-environment
2014-04-09 Clinton EbadiAnnotate defaults
2014-04-09 Clinton EbadiMove default environment settings from SML to Domtool