Generate right Mailman vhost name
[hcoop/domtool2.git] / src / plugins / mailman.sml
2007-11-19 Adam ChlipalaGenerate right Mailman vhost name
2007-11-18 Adam Chlipalavhost IP specification working
2007-11-17 Adam ChlipalaMailman shortcut working
2007-11-17 Adam ChlipalaMore Mailman virtual host stuff
2007-11-17 Adam ChlipalaRecord user for Mailman vhosts
2007-11-17 Adam ChlipalaInitial mailman vhost config
2007-11-17 Adam ChlipalaMore describers
2007-04-29 Adam ChlipalaDomain alias support for Mailman
2007-02-19 Adam ChlipalaProper generation of Exim domainlists
2006-08-27 Adam ChlipalaMailman and Bind fixes