Remove Config.{dispatcher,defaultNode}
[hcoop/domtool2.git] / src / mail / vmail.sml
2014-04-25 Clinton EbadiRemove Config.{dispatcher,defaultNode}
2009-09-27 Adam ChlipalaChanges to support IMAP on hopper all compile but are...
2007-11-04 Adam ChlipalaPutzing around with vmail
2007-03-09 Adam ChlipalaFixing some things that prevented SML/NJ compilation
2006-12-23 Adam ChlipalaPrinting mailbox locations for vmail list
2006-12-23 Adam ChlipalaCheck mailbox existence for various vmail commands
2006-12-23 Adam ChlipalaListing vmail mailboxes
2006-12-23 Adam ChlipalaFirst vmail support