domtool-adduser: use domtool-config to find ca
[hcoop/domtool2.git] / bootstrap / README
1Basic bootstrapping
3 - Customize config/core/core.sml and configDefault/ as needed
4 - Use config.sml for changes other than core. At least set defaultDomain.
5 - Create a user for domtool
6 - `make install' domtool
7 - Run domtool-create-shared-root to bootstrap shared directories
8 - Run domtool-create-local-root to bootstrap local work directories if this machine will be a node
9 - Customize and copy test.domain.core.conf to $defaultDomain.core.ssl.conf
10 - You unfortunately have to duplicate the value of Config.caPath here
11 - Run domtool-create-ca to boostrap your local domtool ca
12 - Run domtool-init-truststore to initialize the trust store
13 - Run domtool-init-acl $user to add yourself as an administrator of domtool
14 - Create needed work directories
15 - In theory, domtool should start and you should be able to grant
16 yourself domains and configure things