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1 AFS is a distributed file system that enables users to share and
2 access all of the files stored in a network of computers as easily as
3 they access the files stored on their local machines. The file system is
4 called distributed for this exact reason: files can reside on many
5 different machines, but are available to users on every machine.
7 OpenAFS 1.0 was originally released by IBM under the terms of the
8 IBM Public License 1.0 (IPL10). For details on IPL10 see the LICENSE
9 file in this directory. The current OpenAFS distribution is licensed
10 under a combination of the IPL10 and many other licenses as granted by
11 the relevant copyright holders. The LICENSE file in this directory
12 contains more details, thought it is not a comprehensive statement.
14 See INSTALL for information about building and installing OpenAFS
15 on various platforms.
17 See CODING for developer information and guidelines.
19 See NEWS for recent changes to OpenAFS.