Port to Debian Buster and OpenAFS 1.8
[hcoop/debian/libnss-afs.git] / Makefile
2020-02-15 Clinton EbadiPort to Debian Buster and OpenAFS 1.8 master debian/2.05
2014-03-05 Clinton EbadiRelease debian/2.03
2014-02-19 Clinton EbadiBump version, link against kerberos libraries
2009-07-07 megaczlink to _pic versions of libraries for amd64 compatability 1.09
2009-07-06 megaczfix segfault with lenny libc6 by linking to pthreads... 1.08
2008-04-27 megaczv1.06: clean up debianization 1.06
2008-04-17 megaczadd missing dependency in Makefile
2008-03-26 megaczinitial import