update for stretch
[hcoop/debian/libapache-mod-waklog.git] / mod_waklog.c
2018-04-22 Clinton EbadiMerge remote-tracking branch 'sf/master'
2015-07-16 Jacob WelshImprove build system and packaging 1.1.0rc1
2015-05-14 Clinton EbadiMerge sourceforge mod_waklog
2014-12-13 Jacob WelshInclude afs/com_err.h for afs_error_message
2014-12-13 Jacob WelshApply rxkad-kdf patch
2014-12-13 Jacob WelshFix clearing password in memory
2014-12-13 Jacob WelshUpdate ap_log_error usage for Apache 2.4
2014-12-13 Jacob WelshRemove unixd_config macros
2014-05-02 Clinton EbadiSleep for 150ms instead of 2s when acquiring initial...
2014-03-05 Clinton EbadiDo not request Single DES session key or allow weak...
2014-03-05 Russ Allberyrxkad-kdf support
2014-03-05 Clinton EbadiMerge upstream git://git.code.sf.net/p/modwaklog/code
2013-10-30 Jacob WelshFix warn_unused_result: error checking for write()
2013-10-30 Jacob WelshFix no return statement in function returning non-void
2013-10-29 Jacob WelshMissing header for ap_hook_pre_connection
2013-10-29 Jacob WelshFix assignment used as truth value warning
2013-10-29 Jacob WelshReplace outdated setpag() with k_setpag()
2013-10-29 Jacob WelshFix k5user compiler warnings
2013-10-29 Jacob WelshPresumed typo: == operator doesn't return a string
2013-10-29 Jacob WelshRemove redundant #includes
2013-10-29 Jacob WelshFix build errors on CentOS 6
2012-09-08 Clinton EbadiEnable weak crypto using secret API for openafs.
2009-08-04 Ryan Jud HughesFix build issues on CentOS
2009-06-14 megaczfix logging level for deletion message
2009-06-14 megaczremove waklog_cache file after creating it
2009-06-14 megaczfix breakage resulting from WAKLOG_UNSET patch
2009-06-07 megaczfrom Simon Wilkinson <sxw@inf.ed.ac.uk>: fix configurat...
2009-06-07 megaczprefer afs/cell@REALM over afs@REALM, just like the...
2008-03-23 megaczapply modwaklog-security.patch from Simon Wilkinson...
2007-10-22 megaczbetter debugging output, support for phase7 auth using...
2007-09-11 megaczgive precedence to WaklogLocationPrincipal over $KRB5CCNAME
2007-07-27 megaczadd WaklogAFSCellRealm directive
2007-06-20 megaczreinstated pre-umbc behavior to use mod_auth_kerb crede...
2007-06-20 megacztypo
2007-06-17 megaczdocument, rework directives
2007-06-17 megaczautodetect CELL_IN_PRINCIPAL
2007-06-17 megacznuke hardwired AFS_CELL lameness
2007-06-17 megaczfix comment alignment
2007-06-17 megaczuse APACHE2 definition
2007-06-17 megaczuntabify
2007-06-17 megaczmassive UMBC code import -- this patch does a lot of...
2007-06-17 megaczdebianize apache2 module as well
2007-06-14 megaczfifth set of UMBC merges; still all inert changes ...
2007-06-14 megaczfourth set of UMBC merges; still all inert changes
2007-06-14 megaczthird set of UMBC merges; still all inert changes
2007-06-14 megaczsecond set of UMBC merges; still all inert changes
2007-06-14 megaczfirst round of UMBC merges; all these changes are inert...
2007-06-13 megaczautoconfization
2006-11-30 umjarodChanges for compatibility with Apache 2.
2006-07-12 umjarodAdding NOTES (roadmap) file.
2006-06-23 umjarodRemoved most #if 0's. Removed k4 code. Changed waklog...
2005-11-01 jarod"Hard-coded paths made more generic. These will soon...
2004-09-21 drhLess logging
2004-07-19 drhHandle null paths
2004-06-25 drhmemmove min lengths
2004-06-25 drhType; added "unlog" at phase 2
2004-04-29 drhnon-test principal, sleep time, directive attempts...
2004-04-21 drhBack to square one
2004-04-21 drhno dir config
2004-04-21 drhfewer #includes
2004-04-21 drhfewer #includes
2004-04-19 drhK5 only
2004-04-08 drhbuffer issues
2004-04-07 drhMemory leak cleanup
2004-04-01 drh"#if 0" removed
2004-04-01 drhSimplify
2004-03-31 drhFirst pass
2003-06-17 clunisnon-functional version of the keytab version.
2003-05-08 clunisbaby steps toward keytab
2003-02-22 clunisfixed problem with multiple afs service tickets being...
2003-02-22 clunisfinished waklog rename, added WaklogProtected directive