update for stretch
[hcoop/debian/libapache-mod-waklog.git] / Makefile.am
2018-04-22 Clinton EbadiMerge remote-tracking branch 'sf/master'
2015-07-16 Jacob WelshImprove build system and packaging 1.1.0rc1
2014-03-05 Clinton EbadiMerge upstream git://git.code.sf.net/p/modwaklog/code
2013-10-29 Jacob WelshReplace outdated setpag() with k_setpag()
2013-10-29 Jacob WelshFix build errors on CentOS 6
2009-08-04 Ryan Jud HughesFix build issues on CentOS
2008-01-15 megaczswap order of AFS_LIBS and KRB5_LIBS to get the correct...
2007-06-17 megaczchange version string to SVN_XXX
2007-06-17 megaczdebianize apache2 module as well
2007-06-13 megaczautoconfization